Social Media Giant Censors Gardening Group for “Hoe”

If you are a black rapper, you can speak of bitches and hos all you want. But if you speak of the gardening tool, you’ve gone too far.

At least that’s what Facebook’s terms and conditions state.

According to The New York Post, Facebook took umbrage with a gardening group for it’s demeaning comments about moving dirt in one’s garden:

Facebook’s censors are digging deep — flagging the word “hoe” in a western New York gardening group because they apparently confused the tool for a disparaging term for women.

A group called WNY Gardeners has been repeatedly flagged by the social network for “violating community standards,” when its more than 7,500 members discussed the long-handled bladed implement, which is spelled with an “e,” unlike the offensive term.

When one member commented “Push pull hoe!” on a post about preferred weeding tools, Facebook sent a notification that read, “We reviewed this comment and found it goes against our standards for harassment and bullying,” a moderator said.

“And so I contacted Facebook, which was useless. How do you do that?,” Elizabeth Licata said. “You know, I said this is a gardening group, a hoe is gardening tool.”

Too bad those gardeners didn’t represent themselves as a black female hip hop group. Because those “hoes” could have gotten OVER!

I use very little social media, particularly after having been kicked off for no reason. But my son is on all of it. And he shows me videos of black women fighting, calling each other everything but children of God.

And don’t even talk about the n-word. Video after video is laced with it, and it’s nothing.

I get Sirius radio and occasionally listen to the Kevin Hart channel. He has one show where he and other black friends speak on various issues, and they drop the n-word like they get paid to say it. Rapper E-40 even has a hit song, “Captain Save a Hoe,” and no one called foul on him.

As for the gardeners, these women did nothing wrong. And Facebook will likely reinstate their page. But the page shouldn’t have come down in the first place. Facebook “fact-checkers” and other tattletales don’t know enough English to make editorial decisions. Yes, Leftists are dumber than bots.

As for “community standards”, Facebook should consider other salacious homonyms, like bitch. That word is either a feminist or a female dog.

And what of homophones like e.g. cum and come. How will Facebook handle this, particularly in a time with people spell phonetically. I think you get my drift.

Next, who will become the keeper of language? What one can say or not say. Do you want Facebook or some other Leftists acting as a clearing house for proper language?

Clearly black people don’t give a damn about the use of n*gga. I say it, sometimes just to piss off Leftists.

Words used in anger are powerless unless we bestow them power. But Leftists believe they can use language to get us to self-censor. Sadly, that works on most Americans.

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