STUNNING AZ Audit Findings

We all know that the Democrats cheated in the 2020 election. And the AZ audit uncovered ways in which the election was stolen.

Check out a few of the things discovered in the AZ audit based on what Liz Harrington tweeted:

STUNNING in race decided by 10,457 votes

3,981 voted despite registered AFTER Oct 15 deadline

11,326 voted who were NOT on rolls on Nov 7 but WERE on Dec 4

18,000 voted and then were removed from rolls AFTER election

74,243 mail-in ballots w/ NO evidence of ever being sent

Democrats’ dirty tricks are being exposed in Arizona. And soon they will be exposed elsewhere.

How will they get away with this next election? Short answer: they won’t. Thus their panic to steal as much as they can during the era of Captain Demento.

Let’s look at each of these things documented in the hearings in AZ:

Clearly we can remove the 3,981 voted registered AFTER the Oct 15 deadline. These votes are illegal. And you can bet overwhelmingly these votes went to Biden.

And what of the 11,326 voters who were NOT on rolls on Nov 7 but WERE on Dec 4? Again, I’d bet you dollars to dog turds that almost all of these votes went to Biden. They would have given Trump just enough to pretend that these are legit.

And what of the 18,000 voters who were counted then were removed from rolls AFTER election? Coincidence as well? I’m going to guess these were likely DEAD PEOPLE who were used to help Biden win a state he had no chance in hell of winning legitimately.

Finally, the coup de gras of the coup d’etat. 74,243 mail-in ballots with no evidence of ever being sent.

Remember the number of votes Biden needed to beat Trump? Actually, the “faked” numbers, 10,000+.

Almost any one of these issues found by Arizona would provide a Trump win against the illegitimate votes of Biden. Democrats knew this would be the case in EVERY battleground state. Truthfully, Biden would be lucky to win California without massive voter fraud by the Democrats.

One of my friends claims that Trump actually won New York. Frankly, I believe him; particularly after learning what we know about Arizona.

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So this information is beyond huge.

Arizona did what Bob Barr should have done. Remember Barr? The turncoat Bush-Era-turned-Trump-AG who claimed that voter fraud didn’t occur. What a f*cking moron.

Outside of what Dominion Voting Systems did specifically, the Arizona recount revealed the many ways Democrats cheated.

States like Florida and Texas have put in some protections against voter ballot manipulation, but not enough have done so.

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