WuFlu Stats Don’t Match WuFlu Truth

There is a running joke in my family to not believe Dad when he quotes stats. That’s what my kids say of me when I say things like, “37 percent of blah blah.”

The reason my family now ignores my stats?

First, I mostly do make them up. And why not, when few people bother to check.

Second, freaking Google. Information can be validated (or blown to smithereens!) with a quick search.

All statistical jokes aside, understand that government does exactly what I do. It just makes up stats it wants to “sell”, then commissions a report to validate the numbers.

Take shootings in Chicago week to week or year to year. Look them up and you won’t find two sources that agree. In fact, on Independence Day weekend two major media outlets had shootings in Chicago ranging from 37 shot to as many as 88. The final count? 93.

But the stats that really chap my ass involve the Wuflu.

From the very beginning the government lied to the world. Infection rates were much higher than reported. Worse, death rates were much less than reported. Put the two data points together and the pandemic becomes a scamdemic.

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Now we get to the “cure.”

There are two real cures for Wuflu. One is hydroxychloroquine with a vitamin regime. Two is herd immunity.

These are the only cures we needed to focus on. But Leftists saw how much money could be made from the fear, and they capitalized. Yes, Leftists are capitalists, and their product is FEAR.

Pharmaceutical companies were rewarded as part of the Wuflu ruse. So now the world has three “cures.” And the hype around these cures is scandalous.

I won’t bother looking into all the “cures,” but have information on one company’s so-called vaccine for Wuflu.

According to Natural News, Pfizer manipulates the stats:

Israeli authorities have confirmed that Pfizer’s claim about its Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” being “95 percent effective” is a bald-faced lie.

The Israeli news outlet Ynet reported that the latest efficacy figure for Pfizer’s Chinese Virus injection has dropped to about 64 percent amid reports that vaccinated people everywhere are testing “positive” for the trendy new “variants” that are supposedly now in circulation.

Because the numbers continue to slide, suggesting that the Pfizer vaccine is a fraud, authorities are advising people to get tested – even if they have already been injected – to ensure that they are “safe” against Chinese Germs.

A Pfizer spokesperson reportedly refused to address the new numbers out of Israel, instead choosing to cite company data that claims the injections are still “safe and effective,” regardless of what the latest science shows.

I don’t believe Pfizer, the Israeli government, the U.S. government, or anybody else on the effectiveness of a vaccine that alters my DNA.

Anybody who claims to know the stats on this scam are pulling numbers from betwixt their buttocks.

The real truth that needs no statistics is this: herd immunity is our best defense against Wuflu.

And I know for a fact, that I’m 100 percent correct on this. Google it.

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