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Afghanistan: Benghazi Part-Two or Another Cover-up?

Hillary Clinton’s famous “What difference, at this point, does it make?” was her resounding cavalier response when Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis) pressed her on her role in Benghazi.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in 2013 proved to unravel the cold, former Secretary of State when pressed for answers.

She didn’t care. Neither did Barack Obama. They went to bed without answering any of the distress calls coming from the embassy in Libya as it was being stormed and set on fire. They let Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and former Naval SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods perish. Both Woods and Doherty were there as CIA operatives.

Joe Biden was a part of this debacle too. He was vice president at the time. He was briefed. But Biden didn’t care either, just like now with the unmitigated disaster he single-handedly created with the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

I agree with President Trump: “Joe Biden should resign in disgrace.” So should General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The General should be more concerned with matters of military processes than sucking his thumb, worried about being WOKE. Woke is weak, and that is where General Milley lands – weak. Right alongside Joe Biden.

The visceral impact of Afghani’s running alongside our military C-17 cargo plane and those that glommed on while it took off was heartbreaking. Witnessing the devastating picture of two people, dropping to their deaths as the plane ascended the sky, was reminiscent of 9/11. As we watched in horror as those poor souls jumped to their deaths from the windows of the Twin Towers instead of being burned alive.

Could this get any worse?

According to The Hill:

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker lamented about the grave situation Biden has left Afghanistan in, stating:

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker said Friday that he has “some grave questions” about President Biden’s “ability to lead our nation as commander-in-chief” after the Taliban seized control of the country following U.S. troop withdrawal.
“I’m left with some grave questions in my mind about his ability to lead our nation as commander-in-chief,” Crocker, who led the U.S. Embassy in Kabul from 2002 to 2003, then again from 2011 to 2012, told The Spokesman-Review.
“To have read this so wrong – or, even worse, to have understood what was likely to happen and not care,” he added.

Read that again: “To have understood what was likely to happen and not care.” To not care. This is exactly how Obama and Clinton responded in regards to Benghazi, for those paying attention. They just didn’t care. How can that be?

And what happened to General Milley?

Has he been compromised by the Chinese? How could the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff come out at a news conference and say “We had no way of knowing the Taliban Army would fall in 11 days.”

Say what?

Of course, Milley could and DID know anything was possible! There was intel on every news cycle detailing what was going to happen and what needed to be done. These are the Joint Chiefs of Staff – they did know. And because they either didn’t pay attention or didn’t care, the same way Biden didn’t care, the same way Obama, Biden, and Clinton didn’t care about our ambassador and our operatives in Benghazi – General Milley needs to resign. Now impotent, his distinguished career will come down to this. Being Woke and being weak.

The problem with Benghazi and Afghanistan is it may very well be at the hands of the same operatives: Clinton, Obama, and Biden. In regards to Benghazi, there are reports that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brokered an unapproved congressional deal to send US-made Stinger missiles to Libya, some of which ended up in Afghanistan and were used against our military. One of our military helicopters was shot down by Hillary’s missiles. It did not crash, fortunately, and we were able to retrieve a serial number. Which circles back to OB&C.

Ambassador Stevens was sent to Libya on a “Do or Die” mission to recover the missiles.

Read that again: An unapproved deal brokered by Hillary Clinton to get US Stinger missiles ended up in Afghanistan and was used against our military.

See the cover-up?

When the operation went south, Obama and Clinton issued a “Stand Down” order to prevent help from saving our guys at the embassy. It gets more convoluted, but understand that Clinton, Obama, and Biden didn’t care. They left our guys to die.

Why would they care now with Afghanistan, especially if they are trying to hide something?

Who made the decision to remove our military before getting all of our American citizens out? As well as all the people that aided in the fight against the Taliban, such as the Afghani interpreters and the like? Who? They will be captured, and tortured in front of a crowd and used as examples.

And why did we leave billions of dollars worth of OUR American taxpayer-funded Black Hawk helicopters and all of our state-of-the-art combat equipment including guns and ammo and everything else for the Taliban to use against us? And they will.

This is an abject failure on the part of Biden, his entire administration, and General Milley.

Who is running the show – Greta Thornburg or The Three Stooges? The magnitude of this failure is unfathomable.

Don’t forget what Robert Gates has said and repeated for years about Biden. That he has been wrong on every foreign policy issue for forty years. Gates served as defense secretary for the Obama administration, and from day one of Biden’s campaign, Gates expressed a lack of faith in the president.

Curious Timing

I smell a rat. Quite possibly, there’s a more sinister reason for this withdrawal right now. Biden and his peeps said he wanted it around September 11, to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of 9-11-2001.

But interestingly, there was no contingency plan in place. Curious. As well, we are getting very close to getting the final report on the Maricopa audit results. Remember those? Don’t lose sight of them. The Democrats are very good at creating distractions in order to cover up the election fraud and every other bit of corruption they are involved in.

Maybe this is a stretch, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll find that what the Liberals do to stay in power and cover their tracks is nothing less than diabolical. They have so much to lose when the truth comes out, and they know it. So, leftists will throw out the Afghan people, along with US citizens as well as our military personnel. They will be sitting ducks for the ruthless Taliban forces. Of course, they’re sitting ducks. History will repeat itself. Benghazi will repeat itself.

We are told by Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin that we have no way of getting all of our citizens out of Afghanistan. His comment is also an inadvertent admission that if we don’t save them, they will be left to die. Brutalized by a force that knows nothing else but death and destruction. The rape of young girls.  Women, and girls taken as sex slaves, mutilations, beatings, decapitations, is just the top of the list for Satan’s servants.

This is on Joe Biden. He has left innocent women, children, and those that were loyal to the US, including our brave men and women in uniform to suffer and suffer death at the hands of the Taliban. This will be like a scene out of the movie “Black Hawk Down.” Make no mistake about it.

And yet, they don’t care.

There has to be something much larger at stake for them to walk away from tens of thousands of US citizens with no way of getting them out safely.

Stay awake Patriots. Connect the dots and don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by the media, Liberals, or this administration. My guess is this is about the audits. This evacuation did not have to happen right now, like this. So why? Think about it from their mindset. How could they best obfuscate the results of the audit? By creating a much grander debacle that will suck all the wind out of the election fraud results and the uncovering of the truth.

Liberal’s corruption has always been at the expense of someone else. Blacks for 50 years have been the pawns of the Left’s need to keep them needy and dependent on the party. The Trifecta Crime family of the Obama’s, Bidens, and Clintons have made millions by selling out America to the Chinese. Is it any surprise? Biden sold out his own son Hunter to the Chinese, Russians, and Ukraine. For God’s sake, can anyone get that guy a GPS or a “Clap on, Clap off” to locate his 3 stolen/lost laptops? How many computers does this guy have?

Liberals sold out America in our 2020 election – and Biden sold us out again to the Chinese.

They literally stole millions of our votes, they stole our voice, our choice, our stance, our beliefs, and our independence, all by stealing this election. Think about that for a minute. As long as they stay in power, humanity is expendable.

As evidenced also by this horrific scenario in Afghanistan, Biden should be removed by the 25th Amendment, stat. Thus, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) is putting those wheels in motion. Honestly, I’m not sure Scott’s efforts will pay off. But if Biden had a shred of dignity, he’d resign. Furthermore, General Milley should resign as well. He’s either been compromised, or he was completely incompetent. I believe in the former. What a drastic turn for a General to make.

Woke is weak pal, and you bought into it all and you are the one that will fall. Unfortunately, the General will have to live with this forever. Biden, not so much. He is in La La Land after all. Thus, Biden has the benefit of senility and dementia. He can ride off into the sunset last remembering he was Vice President – Obama’s bitch. Not the man that ruined America.

Afghanistan and Benghazi share a lot of similarities. I can’t stress enough the fact that Biden was the VP in that administration when Obama and Clinton turned their backs on our guys. Which meant Biden turned his back on them too. And now, he is doing it again.

The audits can’t come soon enough. The world cannot handle the destruction of America at the rapid pace Biden and the Liberals are sinking it into.

Pay attention. Connect the dots and don’t get distracted. Because there is more, much more they are covering up.

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