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Americans Losing Faith in Fauci

What took so long for people to wake up to Fauci the fraud? What a flim-flam artist this clown turned out to be.

Now that we have the vision of hindsight, it’s clear to see that Fauci was as credible as a blind and deaf eyewitness.

Fauci got nothing right on this scamdemic. Instead, he was the point man for the scamdemic, and responsible for the largest money grab in the history of the world. I also credit Fauci the economy-killing measures of lockdowns. Finally, Fauci has blood on his hands for all the people who died needlessly during this scam.

So this latest poll on Fauci reveals nothing new to me. According to Rasmussen:

Less than half of Americans now have a favorable opinion of Dr. Anthony Fauci, although most still want to follow the COVID-19 expert’s advice on dealing with the pandemic.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 44% of American Adults have a favorable impression of Fauci, including 27% whose view of him is Very Favorable. Forty-two percent (42%) view Fauci unfavorably, including 29% whose opinion of him is Very Unfavorable. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Less than half? 27 percent very favorable is far less than half. And less than the 29 percent who view Fauci as unfavorable.

With these numbers, Fauci appears to have used up his usefulness to the Democrats. However, I suspect more than Fauci has fallen out of favor over this scam. Thus, Democrats should take heed, as they attempt additional lockdowns and forced vaccinations.

What caused Fauci’s fall from grace? Blame the Right.  As National Review wrote:

The Right, according to the Left, hates Truth and Science (along with poor people, women, minorities, and immigrants from anywhere but Cuba), and we are bitter about Fauci because of his insistence on repeating inconvenient facts. Also Fauci made Trump look bad. Yet strong approval for Fauci is down to 7 percent among Republicans. That is down there in the same range as the most overtly partisan figures in America. Something more has to be going on, and it is.

For reasonable people on the right, there are perfectly legitimate reasons for hating Fauci, and they are as follows:

        1. Although he is a medical expert, he is not the only expert on coronaviruses, and he frequently contradicts other experts, who are backed by gold-standard clinical studies.
        2. The media treat him as the wisest of solons despite his having been proven wrong on many occasions and having admitted lying to the public. Fauci personifies the closed epistemological loop, the formation and protection of which is the media’s increasingly undisguised operational mode. Experts who confirm the media’s biases are given the stage to expound upon their view of matters long past the point where any objective grading would have ruled them unreliable.

Fauci managed to shut down real experts while he sold snake oil to the American people.

I suggest you read the rest of the article in National Review, where they chronicle the three blatant lies told by Fauci.

And his rationale for lying is fascinating.

America is finally pushing back against this Wuflu scam and the perpetrators of the scam. If there is justice, perhaps some of them will lose their jobs and reputations. If there is real justice, then some of them will go to prison.

Fauci’s poll numbers won’t get any better. Because America is on to him. With his fortunes go the Democrats’ fortunes.


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