Biden Sends Refugees to ‘Sweltering Living Hell’

One would think that once you are removed from a Third World sh*thole you would appreciate going anywhere. Not when it involves Joey Demento’s team.

Just like the atrocious conditions at the Southern border of the United States, Biden has created a “swelter living hell” for the formerly-free-then-unfreed Afghanis.

The Daily Mail provided the following bullet points:

    • Qatar air base holding Afghan refugees is a ‘sweltering living hell’ covered in ‘rats, feces and urine,’ a leaked US Central Command memo reveals.
    • An official working at USCENTCOM sent the memo the same day that US flights were temporarily halted because of overcrowding at the Qatar base.
    • Al Udeid Air Base outside of Doha has a capacity of roughly 10,000 people.
      Officials described the location as a desert with nothing else around.
      Doha embassy staff reportedly claim Afghans are ‘in a living nightmare.’
    • The leaked memo comes as the Biden administration touts increased evacuation numbers out of Kabul, after wide criticism of the president’s handling of it.
    • One anonymous official accused the White House and State Department of ‘inadequate forethought and contingency planning’ over conditions at the base.

Holy Mother of Bin Laden! Rats, feces, and urine. Biden is giving these refugees the “royal” treatment. Maybe Biden is a xenophobe who hates brown people?

It seems he really has an issue with borders and processing brown people. I bet if these were Scandinavian white people, Biden would have them living in five-star hotels.

Instead, brown people on multiple continents are “in a living nightmare.” And I don’t mean to brag, but on my radio show I predicted that Biden’s data goons would up the number of people they needed to get out. Funny how this information “leaked,” and wasn’t expressed upfront.

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Biden represents Democrats well. No planning and utterly incompetent. I can hardly wait to see Biden’s next series of moves. But I do have a few predictions.

First, Biden will have to add one more hour to his daily work schedule of 2 hours.

Second, Biden will likely pull a “Cuomo” and shoot for his Emmy with daily updates on the situation in Afghanistan.

Third, during one of his updates, Biden’s 4-cylinder brain will blow that final piston and America will get its first female black Indian slut president. And if you think Biden is a trainwreck, wait until you get a load of Sista Girl.

Look at how well she’s addressing that border situation Demento thrust onto her, pun intended.

Just like the Southern border, refugees will pour into bases around the world. Then, Biden will begin dumping refugees all over the country. Our job is to make sure these people recognize what they left and where they are.

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