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Blundering Biden Gets an F in Afghanistan

Anybody who acts surprised by Captain Demento’s handling of Afghanistan, stop joking.

People knew what Biden brought to the White House. In a word: incompetence.

Nothing Biden has done has benefitted America. The only things that come close are policies where Biden attempts back-doors and commits to a Trump policy with little media hoopla. Such as rebuilding parts of the border wall.

Also, at times Biden tries to morph Trump-era policies to his own. Like Afghanistan.

Trump wanted out of Afghanistan and for the right reasons. Now Biden pretends that getting out was his idea. That’s what Biden declared in his disastrous speech regarding Afghanistan.

My bet is the next time there is a foreign policy f*ck up like this, Democrats won’t bother to wake Biden, preferring to simply try to ride out the storm. And what a storm it is. Actually, it’s more of a sh*t show.

The polls agree with me. Actually, Biden’s approval rating is lower than ever.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” the polling expert highlighted voters’ real-time reactions to the Biden’s speech. The expert explained her surprise that even Democrats didn’t buy Biden’s nonsense.

“For the most part, when Biden speaks, they give him the benefit of the doubt. In this case, while they did give him some credit for what he said, they were really disappointed overall with the message,” she said.

Biden claimed in his speech that “the buck stops with me” and said he wouldn’t shy away from responsibility. While the majority of Democrats liked this statement, independent voters gave him an “F” grade.

And Biden isn’t the only one failing the American people. Kamala Harris is the biggest joke in the history of female politicians. Frankly, I’m disgusted watching her represent women as a supposed leader.

Fox News explains:

Vice President Kamala Harris at last spoke publicly on what is happening in Afghanistan as Americans and Afghans try to exit the country due to the Taliban’s swift takeover, but she refused to weigh in on the U.S. government’s decision-making that led to the current situation.

During an appearance alongside Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, both leaders were asked about the U.S. withdrawal and evacuation process, with Harris being asked what she thinks went wrong.

“So, I understand and appreciate why you asked the question. And I think there’s going to be plenty of time to analyze what has happened and what has taken place in the context of the withdrawal from Afghanistan,” the vice president said. “But right now, we are singularly focused on evacuating American citizens, Afghans who worked with us, and Afghans who are vulnerable, including women and children.”

Harris added that “we have a responsibility and we feel a deep commitment to making sure that folks who helped us are safe.”

Then Harris went on to praise Biden. As if she could further delegitimize herself. Meanwhile, who is Joe Biden depending on to protect Americans? To guard the women and children? The Taliban. Yes, folks, I couldn’t make this up if I tried. The demented, brain dead, disgraceful, immoral, shameful, unprincipled, corrupt clown called upon known terrorists to make the world a safer place.

As Mike Huckabee put it:

You know, it’s ridiculous, it’s like asking the foxes, would they please take really good care of the chickens if we leave the coop open for them? I mean, the Taliban can’t be trusted. You’re asking a group of terrorists. Who does he think these people are? I’m just stunned that Joe Biden would make such a ridiculous kind of observation that we’re going to ask the Taliban to protect women. They won’t. To be kind to Christians. They won’t. To somehow be benevolent as Americans and other Afghanis who help the Americans try to get to the Kabul airport. They won’t.

I will say Joe Biden has done something I wasn’t sure he would do. He fulfilled a campaign promise. He promised to bring America together in unity. He’s done it. We’re all unified in total agreement, for the most part, that Joe Biden has totally bungled and botched this operation. And he humiliated the United States of America.

The failures here aren’t small.

In fact, Michael Goodwin writes:

Because Afghanistan is a war we have chosen to lose, our allies everywhere have to be wondering if America can be trusted when the chips are down.

Even Democrats are expressing concerns about the president as they learn more about what the White House knew and when it knew it.

Reports show the military opposed Biden’s demand to pull all troops out and Secretary of State Tony Blinken was warned by Kabul embassy staff that the Taliban takeover was happening much faster than Washington understood.

A factor largely overlooked at the time was how our military sneaked out of Bagram air base in the middle of a July night without even alerting the Afghan commander, who arrived in the morning to find it empty.

The bizarre exit reportedly helped convince the Afghan army their fight was hopeless because they no longer had American air support.

Yet Biden stuck to his complete withdrawal plan and Blinken ­ignored the embassy warning.

You can bet there were also many other flashing red lights we don’t know about that the administration chose not to see.

My only question is this. Who still wants to deny Biden’s dementia? Because it takes a complete lack of brain cells to mess things up on a scale this large.

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