American In Name Only


We have more than enough RINOS (Republicans in name only) polluting the Party.  One of the most disgraceful recidivists is from Utah, Senator Mitt Romney.  Romney is like the wallflower at a dance. Nobody asked him to dance. Nobody wants him for president, and nobody wants him in the Cabinet.
He tapped President Trump on the shoulder hoping to dance as his Secretary of State, after repeatedly badmouthing him. Yet, he was left on the dance floor, all alone and embarrassed.

I have some advice for you, buddy.  #1 You need a common sense transplant. You don’t castigate somebody–repeatedly–then expect him to pat you on the head, say “Good boy,” and appoint you as a Cabinet Secretary.  #2 Just leave the Republican Party. You’re not needed or wanted. You’re like a would-be transgender who’s too cowardly to make the commitment. Accept who you really are. Go get the surgery. Cut yourself off from the Republican Party. Have the balls, before they’re cut off, to make the change. You vote with the Democrats all the time anyway.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new species which I have named the AMINO: AMERICAN IN NAME ONLY.

The three most dangerous specimens of this species are JoJo Demento Biden, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, and Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.  Collectively, these men hold all responsibility for the Afghan bloodbath.
All three are morally diseased. Two out of the three are incompetent with one being an intellectual flyweight, the other being cognitively impaired.

Traitorous Mark Milley is by no means intellectually inferior.

With two Ivy League degrees–a Princeton B.A. in Politics and a Columbia Master’s in International Relations–and a second M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College, he knows better. 
It’s just that Milley has decided to get on all fours and spread his butt cheeks for the Left by quoting Chinese Communist Mao Zedong  and destroying our military with Marxist-founded Black Lives Matter and Antifa wokeisms. All this is to ensure Milley a cushy job after he leaves the military. However, he could easily accomplish this without dishonoring the military and besmirching our country. Instead, he’s a corrupt and evil mind in attractive physical giftwrap.

On the other hand Lloyd Austin, the in-over-his-head Secretary of Defense, is an altogether different story.

Austin is unqualified. Moreover he typifies the new, clueless type of black who thinks he’s free. Yet, in reality Austin only transitioned from one plantation to another: from the agricultural to the political. Just as eager to please his new Massa, Lloyd Austin, like all the new black plantation slaves, is anxious. Much like a shaking, peeing Chihuahua, desperate to be patted on the head for going along with woke Massa’s agenda. 
A toady of the Left. Austin is too stupid to even recognize the Left. That’s why he hired a perpetually offended black man, Bishop Garrison, to force (à la the Communist playbook), woke indoctrination programs down the throats of our soldiers. Further, Garrison aimed to hunt down and purge fantasized enemies from the ranks of the military whom he hallucinates to be white supremacists and domestic terrorists. 
Garrison rabidly tweeted that the “eradication of white nationalism (translation: patriotism by white folks), and white supremacy must be a top priority.” Garrison’s idée fixe is that racism is the top problem facing America.  Interestingly, scuttlebutt is that Garrison holds BLM connections.
All this hatred-saturated, hysterical, delusional, white-demonizing and witch hunting is notwithstanding that the Pentagon already has an office of equity, diversity and inclusion.  
Senior advisor Bishop Garrison exerts such hypnotic sway over lamebrained, racism-obsessed Austin, that Garrison reports exclusively to Austin.

Talk about a surefire way to avoid transparency and accountability!

Furthermore, and unprecedentedly, intellectual flyweight Austin engaged in a hiring orgy of  appointing “advisors” for himself. Obviously he needs to compensate for and cover up his cerebral and experiential deficiencies.
Kicked upstairs because of melanin. But of course, it was Obama who appointed Austin to CENTCOM, even though Austin’s credentials seem barely a cut above a Girl Scout Brownie’s. Wikipedia lists 5 “badges” of his,  none of which are awards or decorations. They’re just i.d’s, like the work badge you wear on your lanyard to get into the building. They are the United States Central Command badge; the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff i.d. badge; the Army Staff i.d. badge; XVIII Airborne Combat Service i.d. badge; and the 505th Infantry Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia.
By the way, while Austin was with CENTCOM, he came to be known as “the invisible general” because he hid from the press. He’s also been described as “intensely private.” Could these be euphemisms for the fact that he’s frightened? Scared to reveal his incompetence to the world? Thus, Austin realized the less he says, the better off he is. 

Just what are Lloyd Austin’s credentials?

After West Point, (and I’m beginning to wonder if he got admitted there because of melanin), he earned a Master’s in Counseling. So basically Austin’s a glorified guidance counselor who studied hand-holding. Not too useful on the battlefield, but academically a breeze compared to the tough stuff real generals study.
As for his assignments? They were cupcake.  Was he battle-tested? You be the judge.

Here’s the full list:

After graduation from West Point (must have been by the skin of his teeth because Austin’s class ranking is nowhere to be found), Germany was his initial assignment. (I hear they have lots of fun rathskellers there.)
Austin was stationed at his alma mater twice; the Pentagon twice. He was at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas once; ditto MacDill in Tampa, Florida and Fort Stewart, Georgia. Further, he was deployed to Fort Bragg, North Carolina four times. (Oo! There must have been some big, spooky wars at Fort Bragg.)
When he was a Director of the Joint Staff under Chairman Mike Mullen, Admiral Mullen told Austin to bring some “diversity” to the Joint staff. It wasn’t even Austin’s idea! Though race-obsessed, he’s obviously not an innovator, even on that issue. But Austin considers it a landmark of his career: ““People who might not have known Lloyd Austin began to know him.”

Yeah, yeah. So he sprinkled some colored M&Ms among the white ones. Were the appointments based on color or merit? 

Austin spent a little time in Iraq. He spent a little time in Afghanistan. All the more proof that Austin learned nothing about the cultural complexities of these countries. Nor does he understand the modus operandi of the Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, knowledge of which is directly applicable to and imperative for understanding Afghanistan and avoiding the current debacle. Moreover, Austin should be able to explain such complexities to his Cretin-in-Chief.

If I may go a little argumentum ad hominem here, the guy doesn’t even look like a general. Not a speck of strength or iron discipline in his eyes. He looks like an overinflated Uncle Ben on the rice box.
Compare that with the credentials of  Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf: a general who led from the front, who earned 2 Purple Hearts and who was unparalleled for forging rapport with world leaders and cooperation with Allied Commanders, along with establishing excellent relations with the news media.

Here’s just a partial list of General Schwarzkopf’s accomplishments in addition to his spectacular scholastic and athletic achievements from childhood on.

A member of MENSA, the high school valedictorian with an I.Q. of 168, Schwarzkopf was accepted at West Point. After graduation he earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, which involved the study of missile mechanics.
His outstanding active duty service included many commands, including CENTCOM, where he headed an international coalition of 750,000 troops. His U.S. military awards are numerous. He is the only person ever to have been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. In addition he was honored with a colossal number of international military awards and an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.
General Schwarzkopf fought in 3 wars: Vietnam, the Invasion of Grenada, and the Gulf War, along with 13 battles, including the Highway of Death
By comparison, this Austin dude is known to refer to himself in the third person. Delusions of grandeur? A legend in his own mind?
And last, as well as least, we have AMINO Joe, who might or might not know that his diapered butt is sitting in the Oval Office.

Not only is Biden an AMINO but in addition to and before his severe cognitive impairment Joseph Biden was always stupid.

How do I know this? It’s been an open secret since Biden first set foot in Washington.  (His plagiarism was well known, too, starting in his very first year of law school and continuing on into his Senate speeches.)
As a child I lived on Capitol Hill. Daddy would often take me to the Senate gallery. At age five, I could recognize every single senator by sight, knew their names and their states. In high school many of my classmates  and schoolmates were the daughters of senators; congressmen; members of the cabinet; ambassadors; presidents and vice presidents of foreign countries; and one whose father was Chairman of the Democrat Party. We kids knew scuttlebutt long before the press got wind of it. Later as an adult I worked on the Hill, then on the White House staff.
Biden’s only claim to fame is that he became a young widower when his first wife and infant daughter were killed in a car crash. All the gold-diggers swarmed him because he was one of very few bachelors on the Hill and at just 30 years of age, a lot younger, and much better looking, than most of the Senators and Congressmen.
Not only is Biden stupid but he is lawless and treasonous.

Just three of many examples are the following.

Biden admitted in a White House press conference that he knew his blocking of landlord evictions was illegal and unconstitutional.
He and his puppeteer AMINO henchmen are responsible for the slaughter, torture and beatings by the Taliban of thousands of Americans and our Afghan allies. Most of them will never be able to escape from Afghanistan.
He armed the Taliban with $82 million dollars’ worth of weaponry, including 2,000 planes, plus military uniforms left behind in his unconscionable, stupid mode of withdrawal.
The Taliban are beating Americans and Afghans–even little children–at the Kabul airport. They confiscate passports and driver’s licenses. Away from the airport, the Taliban hunt down our citizens and our Afghan allies, going door-to-door torturing and executing adults and children.

Biden is officially a global embarrassment.

Foreign heads of state are askance. Former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, decried Biden’s withdrawal as “imbecilic”. French president Emmanuel Macron told Biden in a phone call that it is his “moral obligation” to rescue his own countrymen and our Afghan allies. Colonel Richard Kemp, former head of all UK troops in Afghanistan, angrily speaks out that Biden should be court-martialed. Let me add to that- and tried for treason.
Biden disgraced the United States of America and made it both the world’s laughingstock and object of contempt.
He is a non-stop danger to our national security. A dishonorable, stupid opportunist from the 1972 beginning of his political career; and now a mental defective. Thus, Biden must be removed from office immediately.
Nikita Kruschev prophetically said “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within….”  And the AMINOs are making Kruschev’s prophecy come true.
Make your voice heard on Twitter: Milley’s handle is @theJointstaff; Austin’s is  @SecDef; and Biden’s is @POTUS.


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