Americans Losing Faith in Medical Hacks

“Trust me, I’m a doctor!”. I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. Perhaps you’ve actually used it. Well you can toss it now.

According to one writer at American Thinker, Americans now see Wuflu for what it is…a scamdemic.

Americans who trusted medical professionals now see many of them for what they are: bureaucratic hacks.

Comments like “I will never trust another doctor again” have become mainstream. Clearly, people now evaluate the numbers for themselves and see through the ruse.

At the highest level doctors are selling out. Fauci leads the charge, but the trickle-down effect shows. Doctors now practice medicine in complete violation of the Hippocratic oath. Far too many doctors now take their marching orders from Team Demento. Further, look at the money Big Pharma throws at them.

The result? Doctors no longer care about science, and have become pawns in a deadly chess game.

From the article,

“In private conversations with people they trust, American citizens are heaping contempt on doctors for forcing a narrative on us that had no basis in science.”

“Many of us, perhaps even the majority, immediately recognized this virus for what it is: a common flu virus maybe engineered to be more contagious if not more fatal but hardly differing substantially from other influenza strains.”

Thankfully, the true professionals remain relentless in getting out the truth. Epidemiologist and virologists continue to push back against the onslaught of false information. Unlike Fauci, these medical professionals are indeed saving lives.

Enough of them have pushed back to ensure that Americans exercise common sense in Biden’s Bizarro World. Also, while the fake news media colludes in this nonsense, the public isn’t buying it.

My personal doctor assured me that he thinks as I do on the subject. Interestingly, he did it in code and only after I let him know my views. He was refreshed to know my views, though he still tepidly revealed his politics.

I sensed that he was very concerned about being outed.

Consider that doctors are afraid to do their jobs based on what benefits the patient. So they try to nudge those under 50 to get shots. The likelihood of dying from Wuflu under the age of 50 is very slim. And don’t even get into stats involving those under 17 years old.

From the article,

“It seems that our doctors went along with the hoax to a large degree because it put them in the spotlight,” Pinkerton further explains about why so many doctors went along with the ruse.

“Amazingly, almost none of them questioned the lies. They abandoned everything they’d learned in Virology 101 and went full ‘cry wolf.’ It worked out well for them. Suddenly, they were the focus of attention, and their words were hung on breathlessly.”

How many of these “professionals” cashed in, writing scholarly articles and doling out internet advice? And what of the level of care being provided?

They refused to see patients unmasked, treated the sick in their parking lots, abandoned patients’ follow-up care, delayed needed tests and surgery endlessly, and generally ignored the hell they were putting the rest of us through.  Worst of all, they denied us treatment with medications that had been proven effective.  Because, you see, those things were horse pills not meant for humans…right up until that was proven a lie also.

Unfortunately, the medical community will never regain the level of respect once held. The blind trust evaporated as covid took over our daily lives. In part, because millions of Americans were skeptical of the scamdemic from the start. And if doctors had banned together and stood up for the facts, much of this devastation could’ve been avoided.

Instead, it’s been one giant game of chicken. And leftists are yet to realize they’ve lost.



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