Poor Hillary! She’s the TRUE Victim

Every time I think Joy Behar can’t get any stupider, she proves me wrong! As is the case with her latest comments on the Monica Lewinsky affair.

On what planet is it acceptable for a man, nearly 50 years old, to use his power and influence to suck in a 22 year old girl?

Sure, by law Lewinsky was an adult. But honestly, Bill Clinton was well known for using his power and influence to get whatever he wanted. Or shall we say ‘whoever,’ as that seems more appropriate.

The blue dress, the cigar, the intern- these elements will forever mark Bill Clinton’s so-called legacy. But to pretend Hillary Clinton is a victim in this triangle is absolutely astonishing.

As FNN reports:

“The View” co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday dismissed the notion that Monica Lewinsky was a victim of her high-profile affair with former President Bill Clinton, declaring that instead Hillary Clinton and America are the ones who deserve the most sympathy.

The daytime gabfest discussed Lewinsky as one of the first victims of cancel culture after the former White House intern’s affair with Clinton and his subsequent impeachment in 1998 for lying under oath. But the liberal host said Hillary Clinton suffering consequences in 2016 over the saga was the real tragedy.

“I would submit here that the real victim was the United States of America and Hillary Clinton,” Behar said. “If you remember, when the debate was going on between Trump and Hillary, Trump brought in all these so-called victims of Clinton’s peccadillos.”

Behar, who made an air quotes gesture with her hands when she referred to the “so-called victims,” was referring to when Trump brought Clinton accusers Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey to a 2016 presidential debate.
“When he brought those women in to that debate, that hurt Hillary Clinton and that is the real victim. The country lost a great person – Hillary Clinton could have been the president instead of that criminal we had for four years,” Behar said. “That’s the real victim.”
Behar also revealed she doesn’t regret any “joke” made about Lewinsky at the height of the former president’s scandal.
“In the moment it was funny and it was relevant. My intention is never to hurt anybody’s feelings,” Behar said. “I’m coming from a pure place with it.”
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More to the story?

I have to wonder if Joy Behar has an ulterior motive here? In the past, Behar has attacked other Clinton accusers pretty harshly. Is she one of Bill’s side chicks? Because both Bill and Hillary committed irreprehensible crimes against women.
It’s quite confusing that Hillary doesn’t defend the whole #MeToo movement, and advocate for these women. Nor does Joy Behar. Consider Jaunita Broaddrick, for example. Broaddrick maintains that she was raped by Bill Clinton in 1978. Her story never waivered. And she never fully recovered from the trauma. Isn’t she one of the many real victims? Not according to Hillary! Sure, Hillary tweeted that every victim had the right to be heard, to be believed. But when push came to shove, Hillary swept Broaddrick under the rug. And continues to do so.
In fact, Bill Clinton made sexual harassment cool, as he maintained his rock star status no matter how many allegations surfaced.
As I chronicled four years ago,
Of course, Broaddrick and Lewinsky are only two of Clinton’s victims. Others include Paula Jones, who sued Clinton for sexual harassment, and Kathleen Willey, who says Clinton rubbed up against her in the Oval Office. However, statistics suggest that only a small percentage of women victimized ever step forward, so there are theoretically hundreds of more victims out there.
For years, Hillary called the accounts by these victims “vast right wing conspiracies”, insinuating the women were all political pawns. Even Gloria Steinem defended Clinton, proving once again feminists are the real enemy of women’s rights.
Steinem suggested sex addiction therapy would right these many wrongs. And if I had to bet, I’d say that would be more than enough to satisfy Hillary. She’s made a lifetime of bullying these victims out of sight. Thus, she’s really not seeking an apology. Much less a reckoning.

And don’t think her husband is the only rapist Clinton defended.

Clinton once laughed at a twelve-year-old rape victim. She practically threw a party when she negotiated a one-year sentence for a crime that carried thirty years to life. But forty years later, that twelve-year-old had a lot to say about Hillary Clinton and her blatant lies to the court.
Hillary was an advocate for my rapist. She did a great job for him. She destroyed me.
Think about this. Joy Behar is still bitter over Clinton’s 2016 loss. Yet, a win would have left every woman in this country stripped of their dignity. We’d all be that twelve year old sitting in the courtroom. Because Hillary isn’t a advocate for women. In fact, I’d bet she secretly hates women, and children. Because what Hillary loves is power. No matter how she gets it. Or who its tied to.
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