White Guilt – A thing of the PAST?

Have you tired of the incessant droning by Leftists of white guilt? Of course you have white person.

You can continue to fight, but that’s exhausting. Now we offer you the opportunity to SLAM THE DOOR SHUT on being called a RACIST!

Get your authentic “White Guilt Forgiveness” card from The Kevin Jackson Network.

Kevin Jackson is an authentic black man certified by Ancestry.com (see chart below).

white guilt, black, Kevin JacksonThere it is in mostly black (77%) and  white (23%) .

Next, Kevin has also been certified authentically “Black” by the Department of Ethnic Identity’s Weights and Measures.

Finally, Kevin has not ONE, but TWO BLACK PARENTS.

The Kevin Jackson Network White Guilt Forgiveness card pays forward Kevin’s guilt-free blackness by proxy to white people. The White Guilt Forgiveness card absolves the holder of all past, present, and future guilt regarding treatment of Blacks.

Emancipation 2:

With the White Guilt Forgiveness card, white people no longer must endure the concepts of “institutional racism” and can feel free to use the term “black” without hesitation when describing things like the night sky or printer ink.

Check out testimonials:

“I was no longer intimidated when the tire salesman asked if I wanted ‘whitewalls’. Thank you, Kevin Jackson for the White Guilt Forgiveness card. Don’t leave home without it!”

“The minute I got my White Guilt Forgiveness card, I proudly went to my coffee shop and demanded a WHITE MOCHA! To think how many cups of black coffee I order to appear “woke”. Thank you Kevin Jackson for my new and enriching coffee experiences…the man is a SAINT!”

“Kevin Jackson is a SAINT! I can now buy black ink cartridges without acting as if I’ve done something wrong. If the Pope quits, I recommend Kevin Jackson! Get this card!”

Think of Kevin Jackson’s White Guilt Forgiveness card as “Obamacare for white guilt.”

AND for only an additional $5, you can get a second White Guilt Forgiveness card for a spouse, a sibling, or a friend.

Each card comes with a letter signed by Kevin Jackson (authentic Black man). The letter serves as PROOF of your purchase, ergo your white guilt coverage.

Get your card(s) TODAY!

Don’t just exonerate yourself of white guilt, you selfish former racist! Show some love and do the same for your spouse and get him or her the gift for the man or woman who has everything…except their First Amendment rights!

Your non-black partner will thank you for thinking of them in ridding the family of guilt.

And don’t neglect that ” guilty” white friend.

Get him or her a card for a birthday, Christmas, or… just because. How long have your friends been carrying the load of white guilt on their non-slave-descendant shoulders? Get your friends this card and it all ends NOW!

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