Chicago Mayor WILL FOLD on Vaccine Mandates

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot thinks she’s Lori Heavyhand. She wants to follow Joey Demento’s so-called “mandate” for people to take the death poke.

Sadly for her, the head of the Chicago Police Union called her bluff. And just in time to also kick “Defund the Police” in its insane ass as well.

In America’s 71st most deadly city, they have little room for making demands of the police. And neither do most American cities. Because crime has exploded in these Leftist Utopias (for criminals). Things are so bad, that cities that pounded their chests to defund the police are now secretly funding the police.

Chicago will be no different.

The Epoch Times reported that Chicago’s police union president John Catanzara provided a shocking outcome for Chicago if the city tries to force vaccine mandates on the police. Catanzara estimates that Chicago will lose half its police force beginning tomorrow.

“Do not fill out the portal information,” Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara said in a video to officers posted on YouTube. “I’ve made my status very clear as far as the vaccine, but I do not believe the city has the authority to mandate that to anybody—let alone that information about your medical history.”

According to Catanzara, the police union is preparing a lawsuit against the city if Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration attempts to enforce the mandate, which requires city workers to report their vaccine status by Friday or be placed on a “no-pay” status.

“It’s safe to say that the city of Chicago will have a police force at 50 percent or less for this weekend coming up,” Catanzara said. “I can guarantee you that no-pay status will not last more than 30 days,” Catanzara said on Tuesday. “There’s no way they’re going to be able to sustain a police department workforce at 50 percent capacity or less for more than seven days without something budging.”

On my radio show I report weekly on shootings and murders in Chicago. It’s not a pretty picture. One doesn’t have to wonder what will happen in these urban indoctrination centers if the crime rates continue to soar.

For those who want to play out the scenario to the bitter end, know that the following will happen.

First, citizens will leave. Then businesses will begin leaving. And ultimately Chicago will officially become the Third World sh*thole that it unofficially is now.

After legitimate businesses leave, illegitimate business will flourish. I would say that the city will then be run by criminals, however that is already the case.

The new leader(s) of Chicago won’t care about vaccines, unless shooting up heroin counts.

And Chicago won’t be the only city impacted if these mandates go in effect.

It was inevitable – as vaccine mandates across the country approach their deadlines, vast swaths of American workers, service members and athletes face termination or disciplinary action for refusing to take the Covid-19 jab.

In Los Angeles, nearly 1,000 firefighters are about to sue the city over the mandate. Southwest Airlines’ pilot union sued the company last week, before staffing shortages led to the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights over the weekend (and more on Monday). Meanwhile, doctors and nurses across the country have begun suing their employers.

Seattle … stands to lose 40% of its 1,000 person force for failing to get vaccinated as an Oct. 18 deadline approaches.

“The environment has been pretty toxic and negative,” one officer anonymously told Fox 13. “Not just from this whole mandate, but prior to that as well. I’m not sure this would be a good place for me to work long-term for my mental health. It has been very stressful.”

Leftism divides.

Race. Ethnicity. Gender. Sexuality. Mask. Now, vax status. But the Left won’t win this battle. Because too many of their other issues won’t allow it.

America needs police. And far too many people see what happens when we allow the brain-dead elite to be in charge.

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