Hillary Issues Ominous Warning for 2024

It doesn’t take a conservative to know we dodged a bullet in 2016. Had Trump lost the election, the first female president would have been Hillary Clinton. And when it comes to shattering glass ceilings, the woman is a joke.

Clinton considers herself a feminist. I consider her the enemy to every self-respecting woman. I think history will agree with me, even if the mainstream media still lives in denial.

When I think back to the ridiculous “Women’s March,” lead by thousands of women wearing vagina hats, I can barely express my disdain. Mainly because I told my mother I would stop cursing. And Hillary Clinton inspires a certain kind of word to dominate my brain.

To me, there is nothing worse that living the life of a walking, talking hypocrisy. That’s what Hillary Clinton is. She calls herself a champion of women’s rights. Yet, she’s laughed at a twelve-year-old girl for being raped. I get it, every criminal deserves a defense. But not every defense attorney takes pleasure in winning on behalf of a rapist. Further, she’s said every woman deserves to be believed. Yet, Hillary bullied her husband’s victims. And last, but not least, Hillary pretends to care about the example she sets. Yet, she lies in bed next to man who is remembered as the man with a cigar. Is this the height your daughter should aspires to? Certainly, I want my daughters to aim much higher.

After the election, Hillary spent a great deal of time hiding under a rock. Then she emerged long enough to write a book. But when the book failed, and she couldn’t give it away, Clinton retreated once again. Now, with the utter failures of the Biden Administration, speculation that Trump will make a comeback, and 2024 on the horizon, Hillary crawled out of her hole one more time. And this time, she has a warning!


Yes folks, you heard it here first. The former First Lady / Secretary of State and twice-failed presidential nominee promises that she’s not done yet.

According to Clinton, she will never be out of the game of politics. “I’m not going to be running for anything. I really feel like our democracy is at stake. And there is many reasons for that, some of them we saw on the screen with the insurrection. Some of them because of the revelations about Facebook that creates a world of disinformation.”

Facebook? Disinformation? Surely, you jest!

It’s almost hilarious to hear Hillary throw shade at Facebook for disinformation. Especially since the disinformation on social media benefits the left. Conservatives are the ones who lose their pages, their message, in fact, their total voice to the hands of censorship.

I remember when I was in high school. Hillary Clinton was the First Lady, and it was pretty apparent, even to a 14 year old, that she likely wore the pants in the family. In fact, she was lucky if her husband wore pants at all. However, as a member of the debate team, I enjoyed ripping the Clintons anytime I had the chance. But I digress.

I also remember going to the mall and buying CD’s. Yes, they were a brand new type of media. (I’m clearly aging myself here.) And “parental advisory” stickers for explicit lyrics were something brand new as well. I can’t remember the band anymore, but I kept the sticker for years. Ironically, it said “quick, buy this album before some right wing nut censors it.” My, how the tables have turned.

Now censorship happens on the left. And what gets censored? The truth about almost everything. According the left, the Russians did it. Covid is a deadly, fast-spreading plague, the vaccine is safe, the Paris Accords were a good idea, the pipeline was bad, China is friendly, and cow farts are destroying the earth.

I don’t think I left much out. Oh wait, I forgot the biggest whopper of all. Joe Biden got more votes than Obama. He’s the rightful President of the United States. And Donald Trump is the big, bad orange man. But we can overcome all of that. As long as Hillary never sits behind the big desk in the Oval Office.



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