Leftists HID Facts: Ivermectin is APPROVED to Fight Wuflu

We found the evidence in black and white. And it was right in front of our faces.

Ivermectin is an approved medicine for Wuflu. Period.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), ivermectin is listed in its Covid-treatment guidelines:

Interestingly, ivermectin is the simplest Wuflu treatment, with the fewest side effects. And none of the side-effects involve death.

Unfortunately, hospitals now let people die just to avoid using Ivermectin protocols. Just ask Patrick D. Hampton. He’s a black conservative warrior, much like our own Kevin Jackson. And his family just witness the covid nightmare up close and personal.

Refusing Ivermectin

Recently, Hampton’s brother Marlon was admitted to Erlanger Health System, where he was told he was about to die at least a hundred different times. In fact, the hospital seemed resigned to let Marlon go without a fuss.

Perhaps that is somehow tied to the hefty payout hospitals receive for every WuFlu death, almost $30k per patient. Clearly, this is what class action lawsuits were created for, and you can bet this class action will be a big one. To quote one of my colleagues, “never in history have hospitals been paid to create a certain diagnosis or outcome.” Interesting point.

I can’t help but wonder what would happen if we split that money. What if a death earned  hospitals $10k, but a rehabilitation got them $20k? Who wants to wager the outcome? My guess is that the survival rate would skyrocket.

But I digress. Back to Marlon, he wasn’t making any progress with the current protocols the hospital tried. That’s when the Hampton family stepped in, and demanded better. They wanted the protocol proven effective time after time. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.

According to Patrick’s Facebook posts,
We asked for IVERMECTIN
We asked for Vitamin C & D thru IV (10000 IU in Addition to their meds)
We asked for another Hospital
We asked for another Doctor
We asked to be released!
The director of the HOSPITAL said “IT’S NOT AN OPTION” She only wanted him sedated and on a VENTILATOR!!
They left me with no other option but to save my brother’s life by removing him from the hospital under hospice care. They told me that he would DIE over and over!
Covid is not killing people. It’s the hospital #DeathProtocols!!!!!

I need an attorney NOW!!!

The hospital only wanted to sedate Marlon, and put him on a ventilator against his will. When the hospital refused the treatment the Hamptons requested, they decided Marlon’s only hope was to get out of the hospital.

Initially, the Hamptons planned to send Marlon home with Hospice.

Sadly, Hospice turned out to not be any better. In fact, they didn’t want to treat Marlon at all considering his desire to take Ivermectin.

Hampton, ivermectin, death protocol, WuFlu, Kevin Jackson

No matter who they called, no one wanted to step in and give Marlon a fighting chance. If you’d like to read more of their story, click here. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after that article was written.

Forget the Facts

Sadly, leftists now go around scoffing at Ivermectin, noting that it is used as horse dewormer. However, did you know that almost 20% of cancers worldwide are attributed to parasites? Thus, it’s not a stretch to think a medication the attacks parasites could also destroy a virus.

I can personally attest to it’s effectiveness. As you may have read, I’ve had covid twice. And I have seven kids and two granddaughters that are around me every day. Out of the twelve of us, I was the only one seriously affected. Further, I was the only one hospitalized. Both times, Ivermectin kids it out of my kids in no time. And I gave left over Ivermectin to a cousin battling the virus. In other words, out of the thirteen people exposed, there was only one person truly sick, and still I beat it twice.

Everything about this virus and it’s treatments is twisted, inflated, and exaggerated. Meanwhile, known cures are kicked around, because beating covid destroys the scamdemic. And leftist don’t know what to do without a manufactured crisis.


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