New Poll: 80% of Democrats REGRET Electing Biden

Like the saying goes, money talks. And these days, it’s talking about buyer’s remorse. Because that’s what Biden voters are stuck with.

America is falling apart. And we have no one to blame other than the Big Cheat. Because America’s Third World election cheat put into office the biggest moron in America, perhaps world history.

After Afghanistan, Americans were humiliated, disgruntled, and frankly disgusted with the leadership, or shall I say lack of leadership from the White House. This have been proven almost daily, as Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet.

According to the Daily Mail,

A new poll reveals President Biden’s lowest approval rating yet, as Congress remains at an impasse at the sweeping spend plans that will define his presidency and the threat of debt default loom.

Just 38% approve of Biden’s job as president, and 53% disapprove, according to a poll from Quinnipiac University. Three weeks ago, the same poll found that 42% approved and 50% disapproved.

Thirty-two percent of Independents approve of Biden while 60% disapprove. Four percent of Republicans approve, 94% disapprove. Still, 80% of Democrats approve of the president’s job overall and 10% disapprove.

That poll is a week old, but it’s not getting better for Old Demento, as my informal poll suggests.

I phoned ten Democrat friends or family members. One refuses to talk politics with me. Another said, “as long as I can go to bed without worrying about Trump’s latest move”, implying he’s sleeps peacefully with a demented fool with the nuclear football. As for the other eight, what’s it called? Buyer’s remorse. Yes, they would give anything to go back and change their votes.

Why Jump Ship Now?

Ironically, the eight friends who wish they could jump ship all have the same reason. They may say it different ways, but it all comes down to MONEY. The President is destroying the almighty dollar.

The Biden Administration is already prepping their fuel shortage narrative. And when the gasoline has to be rationed, expect people like Jen Psaki to pretend it’s all in the name of Mother Nature.

Psaki recently told press conference attendees the climate crisis was more important than cheaper fuel. Psaki reiterates the Leftist mantra of global climate change as “one of the greatest national security crises the president sees.”

So what of gas prices sitting at a seven year high. Thus, Biden really was paying attention in the Obama years.

I’m a Texan. As such, oil money always means something. But Biden not only doubled gas prices, but he also destroyed our energy independence. Now, the entire country is feeling the sting. But as long as I’m talking about Texas, there’s another reason to be disgruntled with the Biden Administration.

On the Border

By now, the entire country knows our border is not secure or sovereign, no matter what liberals pretend. Illegals are being dumped all over the country at alarming rates. And it affects our tax dollars.

As I previously wrote:

In 2017, under the Trump Administration, a thorough study estimated the annual cost of illegal immigration to be upwards of nearly $200 Billion. Recall, Trump enforced many travel bans. He put the brakes on illegal immigration and forced migrants to work on coming to America legally.

On the contrast, Biden released those brakes and opened the flood gates. So much so that I’d be willing to bet illegal immigration now costs closer to a trillion dollars a year. Especially when you factor in the pandemic and rampant inflation. The numbers just keep on surging.

But there’s another number to keep an eye on. While Biden refuses to finish Trump’s big beautiful border wall, more than a hundred million dollars in materials is just sitting there. Rotting. Even an idiot would hold some kind of auction and work to recover the cost of materials. But Biden is a special kind of stupid, and the $83 billion of military equipment that remains in Afghanistan proves it.

More Money

And what of that new soon-to-be rename word, “inflation”. For many Americans, inflation sits at the highest rate we’ve seen in decades. I hear it was pretty bad under Jimmy Carter. Luckily, I was wearing Pampers then, so I didn’t worry about the economy like I do now.

I have seven kids. Five of them are boys. And the kind of hits we’re taking at the grocery store right now are insane. My family can’t even afford the poor college kid stable of Ramen noodles. If you are fortunate enough to buy the Asian delicacy, Heaven forbid if you want to add vegetables or meat.

Kellyanne Conway warns the “winter of discontent is coming.”

“It’s a big hot mess. And policies have consequences. This is the president who on day 1 killed the energy pipeline here in the country. Then he had some Russian energy collusion with Putin to make sure he approved the Nordstream 2 there. And these have consequences because people are now feeling Biden economics at the gas pump and in the grocery cart. And the winter of discontent is coming. They project that our home heating costs will rise as much as 54%.

The other thing to note here is that under President Trump we had energy independence, net exporter of oil and natural gas for the first time in our history. Now, in addition to all these poor policies leading to higher costs for consumers, particularly middle-class and lower-income consumers, we have on top of that $630 billion and $3.5 trillion Biden/Bernie package, Sean, to prop up the Green New Deal which nobody wanted the last time.”

And while Democrats waste our time and money arguing over cow farts and electric cars, my $40 tank of gas now costs me $72. And my grocery bill is so high, I’m thinking of implementing intermittent fasting just so we can afford to get through the week.

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