New World Order Targets Men’s Rights

Sure, the world would be better off if there was a lot less leftism. But I’m not sure this Pennsylvania Democrat is playing with a full deck.

First, I have to admit a bit of sexism on my part. I’ve never considered ‘reproductive rights’ to be much of a man’s issue. If I were a liberal, this is where I’d say “I’m sorry I wasn’t woke yet, and I’ll try to do better.”

Instead, I’ll just forge ahead to the rest of the story. Representative Chris Rabb, who represents northwest Philadelphia, tried to create a viral conversation this past week with news of his latest bill.

I’m still shaking my head in disbelief. Is this guy serious?

However, I’m a woman, so maybe I just don’t get it. Clearly, I don’t expect a man to fully understand women’s issues. But this world we live in is so full of men who were once women, women who were once men, and those odd creatures that actually identify as the gender they were born with, it can all get pretty confusing, pretty quick.

So, I picked up the phone and called the one and only Kevin Jackson. If anyone is going to give it to me straight, I trust Kevin will have the answer.

Jackson was quick to call this part of the New World Order: Population Control. In fact, it’s next-level Eugenics. From the black perspective, abortion is historically the answer. Because too many black fathers don’t take care of their babies. Thus, it’s not a stretch to see liberals pitch this as a cost saving idea. Undoubtedly, these vasectomies will cut out some percentage of abortions. Of course, who is paying for these vasectomies?

Will they become an expense insurance is required to cover? Or will the government pick up the tab? Further, if the government pays, would that be a state issue, or a federal problem? Will men receive vasectomy vouchers in the mail from Uncle Sam once their 40th rolls around? Perhaps the same Selective Service that just put my 18-year-old son on their list could get involved here. That’s more productive than a military draft.

There are so many logistics to consider. If you’re a woman living as a man, could you trade your vasectomy voucher for a male genitalia implant? Surely, that’s a valid question. What if you’re a man living as a woman? Could you “donate” your male organs to someone in need? Could we create a national “male organ” registry to make these swaps a smooth transition? Can you agree to be a donor when you renew your driver’s license? Is there room for AOC to add this to the Green New Deal?

I’m glad I’m not the only one baffled by this legislation.

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Tweeters weighed in on the absurdities.

There were hundreds more, like Tim Young, who noticed Rabb might be suffering from confusion when he tweeted: “This mother****** thinks he’s in China!”

Unfortunately, Tim was met with comments like this one.

Where is the logic?

I guess no matter how you slice it and dice it, liberals will always defend the “right” to kill a baby. Drowning a feral cat carries a deeper stigma, and frankly, harsher punishments. In the words of the famed Black Eyed Peas, “what’s wrong with the world, momma?”



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