The Chant Heard Around the World

Our collective voice seems to be in the chant “F*** Joe Biden.” Not that the verbiage is something to be proud of, but at the same time, its revelatory message clearly contends that Biden is the worst president of our lifetime.

And although he may or may not control any of the decisions, it is apparent that the Liberals running the show are also the worst leaders in our lifetime.

These united voices from every walk of life, along with both sides of the aisle, speak volumes.

Remember the many times that Trump went out to a ballgame and the masses started singing God Bless America? Because Trump was in control. Not just a demented stooge the press and Jen Psaki props up while still trying to blame Trump for all of the Biden administration’s abject failures.

Really – who is still so woke to not see the truth. Biden didn’t win the 2020 election. And clearly, nobody likes Joe Biden. He and his family are corrupt and demented. He should be in jail. Hopefully, there is still time for that.

Media playing cover again, without success

An NBC sports journalist tried to cover the “FJB” chants at Alabama’s Talladega Speedway and claim they were saying “Way to go Brandon.” This was after the NASCAR win by Brian Brown. Can anything or anyone be any more obtuse? To think that she could sway a NASCAR audience into believing something so untrue is almost laughable, but mostly it’s just shameful. But this is what journalism has come to: misguiding the audience with lies.

The media thinks the masses are stupid. But we are not. That is why entire stadiums around the country and even in the streets abroad are chanting the same tune.

This new attitude unprecedented in our country.

Remember when we revered our leaders? It seems like a lifetime ago. And yet, Trump got standing ovations and songs sung loudly and proudly because he was revered by the majority. But the press would have you believe otherwise. But they can’t explain away the masses of people still out there who follow like lemmings. Virtually no one can ignore what is happening.

It’s not necessarily the greatest protest rumble, which is actually a shout, and maybe one that conservatives usually wouldn’t embark on, but let’s be real: Liberals started this fight. They also created the tone. The Right has tried to stay above the fray, often to the detriment of our party and our goals, but all bets are off now. And if our Republican leaders don’t want to lead with the vengeance needed to crush the Deep State, then we can leave them behind, and apparently, we are.

And that’s where most of us are right now anyway. We will gladly ditch our Conservative leaders unless they rise up and hit this diabolical Liberal faction to the curb and put them in jail. This chant isn’t just about disliking a president. It is about hating the corruption that this president and his ilk have foisted on our great country and now the world. And it about a swamp that still has rats in it. In fact, I’d call it an infestation, and it’s time to call the exterminator. Clearly, we have no choice but to fight. We are patriots after all.

Get a load of New York

The Big Apple is one of the most liberal cities in the United States and when New Yorkers are coming out protesting in the streets with “F*** Joe Biden and De Blasio,” trouble is definitely on the horizon.

How is it that over 100,000 healthcare workers in this great city have quit or been fired instead of getting the jab? Maybe because the shot is useless? The CDC Director just admitted that the vaccine does not stop transmission. Now we’re learning the Red Cross will not accept vaccinated blood. New Yorkers may be liberal, but they are strong and aren’t about being dictated to by the likes of demented Joe and fool De Blasio.

As well, NY hospital systems are saying they will not give newborn babies to their mothers unless they are vaccinated. Pennsylvania Democratic Rep Christopher Rabb is presenting a bill to force vasectomies on men 6 weeks after the birth of a 3rd child.

According to BPR

Rep. Christopher Rabb (D-PA) has introduced an outrageous bill in response to the “Fetal Heartbeat” bill in Texas calling for all “inseminators” to undergo a vasectomy within six weeks at age 40 or after they conceive a third child.

These people are nuts! This is straight out of a Margaret Atwood novel. It’s a dystopia. We’re going to have to do more than chant “FJB.” Getting out in the street and shutting cities down is the only way.

What is the reason for such draconian measures foisted upon a society? It is for complete control. To usher in the new world order, just like Dr. Kerry Chant, the Australian health chief has openly said. It is about totalitarian world order. What are these Aussies taking this beat down for? They wrestle alligators for God’s sake. Certainly, they can stand up to these wimps.

It’s the chant heard around the world.

Whether or not chanting a vulgar cuss word in front of children at sporting events or on the street is acceptable, at this point in time, may not matter. It should, but we are navigating a different time. Screaming obscenities is now the bullhorn our media can’t ignore, nor can they obfuscate the real meaning of “FJB.” The message is pretty clear. We have now found our voice in the arena where tens of thousands of patriots collect and our message is spilling over and onto the streets of America and the countries around the world.

Patriots will win over the Liberal’s New World Order desire bought and paid for by George Soros, the Chinese, and Bill Gates. Fauci is just as diabolical and evil as he works to destroy America alongside the liberal brigade.

Don’t stop chanting! We must carry forward this new voice of America, and maybe even the world.

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