A Message to Trump-Hating America-Hating Leftists

I’ve reached a point of frustration with Leftists. So I say, screw all the Trump-hating, America-hating, racially divisive, anti-real-science, Leftist scumbags.

They don’t represent America.

Frankly, I’m sick of the minority of people dictating what America and true Americans stand for. It is US who are the best citizens of the world, not them.

Those weak-ass woke snowflakes are the reason this country is in trouble. They have no ingenuity, no creativity, so they’re mad at true Americans for being AMAZING! They couldn’t critically think their way out of a unlocked closet.

We, on the other hand, are the God-fearing, gun-toting doers of America. The people who actually work hard at developing things; like products and services. And because we can critically-think, we create businesses and jobs. We keep the economy moving, while Leftists plot to steal our companies with do-nothing unions and taxes. They decry our efforts while using our products and services.

Ironically, Leftists are the only animals on the planet who put the weakest in charge. All things in nature cull the weakest from their ranks, except Leftists.

Look at the sorry son of goat-herder they picked in 2008.

Baby Black Jesus was to save them all. Yet, Obama gave Democrats their worst mid-term defeat in decades in 2010. His performance in 2012 was so dismal that some of his most ardent supporters left the party. Moreover, many of them voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Leftists realized the only, repeat ONLY way they could defeat Trump was to cheat…BIG. So in a sea of candidates they had to select from, they chose a brain-damaged politically-worthless pathological liar to seat in office, namely Joey Demento.

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Leftists are sanctimonious terrorists pretending Americans thinks as they do. As ignorant as an Alaskan summer day is long; all day 24-hour ignorance.

No group needs them, which is why Leftists continually “sell” their ideas. They use the Hegelian Dialectic as their strategy for everything.

  1. Create a problem from nothing
  2. Exacerbate the non-problem, making seem bigger than it is
  3. Pretend to solve the problem, that ironically was never a problem to begin with

Try this strategy on any perceived problem Leftist sh*t-for-brains claim to be plaguing America. Take race, for example.

Does anyone really, honestly believe America has a race problem? Because that person would be the only one. Americans prove daily how much we care for one another, yet Leftists find racism in laughable things. Want the list?

Math, showing up on time, cordiality, black holes, “institutional”, hard work–do I really need to go on?

Not LGBTQ, not blacks, not women, not ANYBODY needs a Leftist. Anybody who thinks they need a Leftists to save them is a clown.

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Disingenuous skanks.

Leftist don’t even believe their own bullsh*t. When forced to live their lies, they get that moment of clarity. Many times, leftists realize that almost everything they stand for is a lie. But instead of admitting it, they double-down. Then they genuflect on those who have been telling them the truth, which is that they’re absolute idiots.

It’s not our fault that leftists don’t know how to use their brains to critically think. Thus, they get sucked into a vortex of insanity, where the “woke” are actually the ones asleep. We warned them.

If the performance of Obama didn’t wake them from that nightmare, shame on them. If the¬† “selection” of Biden didn’t wake them up, what more do they expect us to do?

Need more evidence?

How about Obama’s scandal-free administration. The administration that threatened to jail journalists, turned the IRS against Conservatives, ran guns into Mexico, allowed veterans to die on waiting lists, shipped cash to Iran in the dead of night, got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, and forced health insurance on every American. That’s just for starters.

Obama brought terrorists into his administration, sissified our military, created a race war and a war on police. And if that wasn’t enough, he weaponized the spy agencies against one of America’s most prominent citizens.

Leftists need tough love. So here it goes. You are a dumbass if you vote Democrat. Especially after seeing Biden in action.

What? Still here? It’s really that simple. You can’t watch the Democratic Party and want to be part of that political racketeering organization.


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