Did Joe Biden Infect a Staffer with Wuflu

Joe Biden got his Wuflu shot a while back. And one must believe that he’s following Fauci the Fraud’s advice and getting “boosted”.

However, recently Joe Biden gave a press conference, where his voice was noticeably different. So Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden if he was ok.


I am ok. I have a test every day to see…a COVID test, checking for all the strands.

What I have is a one-year-old grandson who had a cold who likes to kiss his pop. But it’s just a cold.

In a story reported by The Hill, Biden supposedly tested negative for COVID-19 on Monday after having close contact with a White House staffer who subsequently tested positive for the virus.

The staffer wasn’t identified. But White House press secretary Jen Psaki disclosed the positive case in a statement Monday evening, saying the midlevel staff member spent 30 minutes with Biden on Air Force One on Friday on a trip from South Carolina to Philadelphia.

Do you believe this story? Because I don’t.

First of all, how in the hell is Biden tested for “all strands” when a test for Xi-omicron wasn’t available?

Second, the tests are not accurate. So how can he say for sure that he didn’t infect his staffer?

Third, how do we know Biden’s grandson didn’t have Wuflu? There is no test for children his age.

What is the White House hiding? Do they not want to admit that old Joe was sluffing off the virus and infected his staffer?

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Just a cold?

From Medical Express:

The common cold is normally a mild illness that resolves without treatment in a few days. And because of its mild nature, most cases are self-diagnosed. However, infection with rhinovirus or one of the other viruses responsible for common cold symptoms can be serious in some people. Complications from a cold can cause serious illnesses and, yes, even death—particularly in people who have a weak immune system.


Unfortunately, a cold can also have more severe symptoms in the very young and the very old. Older people are more likely to develop a more serious infection compared with adults or older children. And people who smoke—or who are exposed to —are also more likely to get a cold and have more severe symptoms.

Another group of people who are more severely affected by infection with cold-causing viruses are people with an existing lung condition. They can include people with asthma, cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Infection with a virus that causes inflammation of the airways can make breathing much harder. People with COPD who catch a mild cold virus are also at risk of developing a bacterial infection.

The common cold kills about 4,500 people annually in the U.S. That’s nothing the sneeze at.

As you ponder Biden’s situation, consider others. Like Elizabeth Warren.

She contracted Wuflu a second time, post-vax. However, who has she been around who isn’t vaxxed? Strangely, most of these secondary infections seem to occur around the vaccinated.

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