Fauci Forced to Admit Omicron Not Deadly

Democrats and other Leftists will milk omicron until the cow bleeds. But the world knows the truth.

Omicron-Xi is about as deadly as navel lint. The guy who supposedly was the first person to die of omicron, a Houston resident, didn’t even die of the disease. In his death by other means, the hospital tested him to get that extra paycheck that comes from diagnosing Wuflu.

Think the media corrected the story? Or did they continue with the scare tactics that “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!” from Wuflu?

In the face of overwhelming evidence that Omicron-xi packs less punch than the common cold, Fauci continues the lies:

Dr. Fauci tells @jonkarl that “we’ve got to be careful that we don’t get complacent” about battling omicron, even if data from other countries might show a lesser degree of severity.

“It might still lead to a lot of hospitalizations in the United States.” abcn.ws/3svZGOx

Partial transcript:

KARL: So in terms of Omicron, we know how wildly contagious it is, but what is your sense about how — what do we really know about how sick people are getting from this? As you know, there was data out of South Africa that suggested that it was less than 2 percent of those that were infected were hospitalized. That compared with about 20 percent that had been hospitalized under the Delta wave. That, by the way, is a country that doesn’t have, you know, anywhere near the kind of vaccination level that we have. And we saw some indications out of England too that it seems to be less severe.

What is — are you comfortable now in saying that Omicron is —


KARL: — wildly contagious, but not as severe a disease?

FAUCI: Well, there’s one thing that’s for sure that we all agree upon, that it is extraordinarily contagious. It’s just outstripped even the most contagious of the previous ones, including Delta. There’s no argument on anybody’s part about that.

Understand that Fauci drives home the point of the omicron being “extraordinarily contagious”. To do so, he reminds us of the deadly “Delta”.

Because Fauci can’t allow people to think they are out of the woods in potentially CATCHING omicron.

This, despite the fact that he admits that omicron is far less deadly than the not-so-deadly ORIGINAL version of Wuflu.

When we first saw the data from the U.K., that it was very clear that the ratio of hospitalizations to cases was lower. Interestingly, the duration of hospital stay was lower, the need for oxygen was lower. And when you’re in a demographic situation like South Africa where you have most of the people have gotten infected with prior variants, either the Delta or the Beta, that it was very likely a combination of perhaps the virus is inherently let virulent or more likely there’s an underlying degree of residual protection from prior infections of those who have been infected and survived.

Note that Fauci accidentally alludes to people’s resistance, aka “herd immunity”. Herd immunity has occurred due to billions of people worldwide having contracted and survived Wuflu.

But you have to love how Fauci describes what should be a simple discussion by intentionally trying to confuse people.

In the next part of the article, Fauci cites studies confirming that omicron is not deadly. However, he reminds us that the “science” in this case should not be followed:

The data from the U.K., and particularly Scotland and England, two separate studies, really confirmed that. They’re seeing less of a severity in the form of manifestations by hospitalizations. The issue that we don’t want to get complacent about, Jon, is that when you have such a high volume of new infections, it might override a real diminution in severity so that if you have many, many, many more people with less level of severity, that might kind of neutralize the positive effect of having less severity when you have so many more people.

“Manifestations by hospitalizations”? Fauci-speak for fewer people getting hospitalized.

“High volume of new infections, it might override a real diminution in severity”. Fauci-speak for the volume of people getting the disease should scare you, even though the virus won’t kill you. Or even make you miss a day of work.

And he piles on by adding that lots of less sick people might “neutralize the positive effect of having less severity”. Fauci-speak for this variant of Wuflu is the equivalent of warning people about catching the common cold.

Leave it to Fauci to show his concern for the unvaxxed.

And we’re particularly worried about those who are in that unvaccinated class, that, you know, tens and tens of millions of Americans who are eligible for vaccination who have not been vaccinated. Those are the most vulnerable ones when you have a virus that is extraordinarily effective in getting to people and infecting them the way Omicron is.

Laughably, after all the evidence that shows Omicron to be less deadly than the common cold, Fauci still warns the unvaxxed.

Finally, Fauci’s standard warning that Wuflu panic may never end, he says:

So even though we’re pleased by the evidence from multiple countries, that it looks like there is a lesser degree of severity, we’ve got to be careful that we don’t get complacent about that —

KARL: So —

FAUCI: — because it might still lead to a lot of hospitalizations in the United States.

KARL: Right. So, as an individual, your chance of having severe disease and needing to go to the hospital if you — if you get infected with Omicron might be less. Because there are so many more, the hospitals could still be overrun.

Let me —

FAUCI: That is the — yeah, that’s the concern. That’s the concern.

So, to recap, un-sick or barely-sick people are going to overrun the hospitals, because we’re not yet tired of quarantines and pandemics. That’s the assumption Fauci and the Biden Administration operate from.




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