Kamala Harris Staffers Continue Jumping Ship

Why would any sane person work for Kamala Harris? The answer is: none would. Ergo, Leftists are insane.

Nobody, repeat nobody wants to work for Leftist women. Watch any version of “Rich Housewives of [3rd-World Sh*thold City]” and you will see what it’s like to work for one. I’m confident in saying the most women do not want to work for other women. Now the “other women” I speak of are LEFTIST women.

Leftist women are backstabbing, power-hungry, gold-diggers for the most part. They are the women who drown their own children so they can have that new relationship with the guy who doesn’t want kids. I know what you’re thinking: “Kevin, that’s cruel!”

Perhaps. But it’s the truth. And as Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonstrates, there is no taming of the shrew…or the skank. Which brings me to Kamala Harris.

A woman who rose in political circles on her back, Kamala Harris possesses the intellect of a slug. Yet she sits as number two to her demented, brain-damaged boss, and a mere heartbeat away from the presidency. Or maybe not.

Harris is a toxic woman. And we learn that she is about to lose her third staffer in two weeks.

Just the News reports that,

“…Kamala Harris’ spokeswoman Symone Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of this year, following issues with communications.

An anonymous source told CNN, “The President and Vice President are grateful for Symone’s service and advocacy for this White House. She is a valued member, a team player, and she will be missed. We are grateful to have her working through the end of the year.”

Sanders’ departure makes her the third high-level staffer to leave the White House in less than two weeks. The VP’s communications director Ashley Etienne announced her departure on Nov. 18. The next day, White House communications chief Emma Riley resigned and joined the Department of Labor.

Not one. Not two. But three staffers in less than two weeks.

Now the reasons, as the article continues:

Rumors of an unhealthy work environment and dysfunction inside Harris’ office led press secretary Jen Psaki to defend the Vice President last month, tweeting, “For anyone who needs to hear it. @VP is not only a vital partner to @POTUS but a bold leader who has taken on key, important challenges facing the country—from voting rights to addressing root causes of migration to expanding broadband.”

Unhealthy work environment? Shocking…NOT!

And as for Psaki’s comments defending Harris, we all know how things work in DC and with Leftists: say the opposite of what you really believe.

Harris has been a liability since, well…since running for the presidency.

She only polled well when she attacked the old fart who is now her boss. After that brief surge, Harris fell back to earth with a thud.

Remember Harris actually supported Jussie Smollett. And we know where that got her. Still, that support offers insight into Harris. She has no judgement for the truth. Moreover, she jumps to conclusions faster than she jumps on powerful men.

Next, Harris shows no political savvy.

In early June,  Harris was asked by NBC reporter Lester Holt why she had not visited the border months after being put in charge of the migrant crisis. She responded that she hadn’t “been to Europe either.”

Consider the logic in that answer. America has no migrant crisis in Europe, but Harris missed the core meaning of the question. Worse, she appeared detached from a major issue plaguing America.

The Democrats have no leadership, nor do they have people in the wings.

I speak often on my radio show about who the Democrats passed up to cheat Biden into office. 4 blacks, 3 women, an Asian, a Latino, a Pacific Islander, a fake India, and a gay guy. Multiple candidates were under 50. With all those choices, Democrats picked a corrupt, old white man.

So now I ask you this: who would win in 2024 of those candidates?

Biden didn’t beat Trump (legitimately), so does anybody think Harris can?

Her staffers are abandoning her for good reason; Harris is a horrible person. So much so that even Leftists can’t stand her, and they have NO moral or ethical core.



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