Bob Saget Got the Wuflu Shot

You never know when somebody is going to die, but you generally get indicators. Particularly when death comes by “natural causes”.

Like the case of Bob Saget. What a surprise that a relatively healthy guy dies this young. 65 is the old 40 these days.

Interestingly, as my team plans the Unapologetically American Comedy Tour, one of my friends actually opened for Saget only a couple of nights ago. When I read of Saget’s death, he actually gave a shout out to Tim Wilkins after the show.

From TMZ:

Saget wrote, “Loved tonight’s show @PV_ConcertHall in Jacksonville. Appreciative audience. Thanks again to @RealTimWilkins for opening. I had no idea I did a 2 hr set tonight. I’m happily addicted again to this sh*t. Check for my dates in 2022.”

That shout out doesn’t sound like a guy who wasn’t planning on getting back in front of live audiences. I guess his invitation to view his 2022 calendar was another tip off.

Honestly, when I read the story I wondered if Saget got the “death poke”. Well that’s confirmed by his own comments. Watch and listen for yourself:

Something inside me knew that Saget got the Wuflu shot. You know, the one that Fauci the Fraud and others claim does no harm.

And as I have voiced to many people via my fantastic radio show, this shot will kill people unexpectedly from now on.

Moreover, the press will downplay these deaths. They will be written as “oops” deaths, ergo nothing to see here. But with each death of a person prior to his or her time, you can almost bet they got the shot.

I looked it up and in 2021 they documented 542 celebrity deaths in 2021. I would be willing to bet my car that over 50 percent of the people under 60-years-old who died, died from the “death poke”. You can’t work in Hollyweird without it.

Moreover, I bet the fear caused by Team Demented caused a lot of the over-60 crowd to hasten their date with the Devil.

As for Saget, the latest report mentioned no drugs or other obvious cause of death when they discovered Saget’s body. Hmm, so what could have possibly killed him?

Is it really necessary to retrace the steps? Connect the dots? Follow the bread crumbs?!

At this point I’m willing to make you a bet. I bet that Saget died from a heart attack. But don’t expect an autopsy to show that the heart attack or other heart condition was caused by the Wuflu vaccine and/or booster he took. Certainly Team Demento doesn’t want the word getting out that the vaccine can kill you.

How sad for Bob Saget and his family. From the sounds of things, he was energized being on stage again. Also, he was looking forward to touring, meeting new people, testing new material.

RIP Bob Saget.



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