CDC Reveals: Natural Immunity BETTER than Vaccines

Another Blow to the Vax Nazis

In another blow to the vax Nazis, the CDC validated the common sense of the supposed “anti-vaxxers”.

First, the unvaccinated are smarter than the vax Nazis. Second, the unvaccinated have more guts than the vaccinated who are not Nazis.

Just to be clear, my beef lies with the bonehead vax Nazis. These people consist of those who pretend to be tolerant and non-sanctimonious. But what we know of them is they are both intolerant and sanctimonious.

Worse, vax Nazis hate being wrong. And when it comes to Wuflu, the vax Nazis are completely wrong.

In another common sense data dump, the CDC confessed what the sane (purebloods) already knew. Natural immunity from prior infection provides stronger levels of protection against the Delta variant of COVID-19 than vaccination alone.

According the report released on Wednesday, prior to dominance by the Delta, individuals who had natural immunity were experiencing higher case rates than individuals who were only vaccinated. However, as Delta became the dominant variant, those with natural immunity caught COVID-19 less frequently than those who were only vaccinated.

So what happened?

First, natural immunity didn’t have enough time to kick in. In almost all cases, natural immunity is better than some lab creation.

Second, the shots were ineffective to begin with. Some studies revealed that placebos performed better than vaccines.

But neither of these outcomes is a surprise. Wuflu is doing what most viruses do. It’s morphing. And the human body’s immune systems morph with it. And despite the idiotic ideas around social distancing and lockdowns, almost the entire world has been infected with Wuflu, and 99.99 percent of us remain alive.

For those questioning my statistics on the world catching Wuflu, just extrapolate any data provided during the Trump administration. Remember when Leftists kept stats on how many people got Wuflu daily? And what of the constant barrage of “death by Wuflu” the media and social media posted ad nauseum?

Funny how neither numbers dominate the news cycle now, as they did during the era of Trump.



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