Democrats Backtrack on WuFlu

Captain Demento and Why Leftism Sucks

Whomever you are, whatever you do, no matter how bad things are in your life, if you are a conservative, you are FAR better off than any Leftist.

As you consider what you just read, understand that Leftists have as their leader a braindead moron. He was selected and put into the formerly highest office in the land with his malady. And every day, Captain Demento will get worse.


Talk about having MASSIVE issues. But Biden may be the least of their problems. Because along with having an idiot as their leader, look at what Democrats deal with when they aren’t plotting our destruction.

They live in a world of delusion and fraud. Leftists are trapped in an ideology that disagrees with human nature. They can’t be who they want to be.

And for those who believe they are right, they live in conflict daily. Need proof? Look no further than the scamdemic. It is plagued with more lies than Ethiopia has starving children.

Now, Democrats are so far left, they’re trying to backtrack before they fall off the cliff. Obviously, leftists have milked the WuFlu for all that it’s worth. Just look at those $15 packages of useless masks Walmart carried months ago. They’ve been clearanced for a dollar and they’re still sitting on the shelves.

Courts are siding with the public. Mask mandates are ridiculous. If someone wants to wear one- go for it. And if they don’t- then don’t. That’s the beauty of freedom. A beauty leftism forgot about.

Instead, we’re forcing worthless rules on our children, and expecting them to follow guidelines that make no sense at all.

A nine year old elementary school student at the University Laboratory School (ULS), which is located on Louisiana State University’s (LSU) campus in Baton Rouge, was actually suspended from school for not wearing a mask. However, the school doesn’t require children under the age of 5 to wear them.

Does it make sense that a five year old can’t spread the virus, but a nine year old can? Or that the virus can travel five feet and ten inches, but not six feet? Come on now! Surely we all have more sense than that.

The Real Science

Conservatives know that covid is a real virus. That’s a given. People have gotten sick, and people have died. The falsity is just how many people have gotten sick and died. If you add up the numbers from the CDC website and do some basic math, it reads as a less than 1% risk. But hospitals continue to code every death as a WuFlu death. It’s as if no other illness exists anymore. For example, how many people died of just the plain old fashioned flu in 2020? 2021? Where are those numbers? And how many of these covid deaths had more than one comorbidity present?

As Kevin Jackson recently pointed out, the more the real numbers trickle in, the more leftists have to back peddle.

I had a thought cross my mind this morning. In all other aspects of science, opposing opinions are encouraged as part of the discovery process. In fact, the scientific method is simply five steps:

    1. Define a question.
    2. Make a prediction.
    3. Test your theory.
    4. Analyze the data.
    5. Draw conclusions.

These steps have been the same for hundreds of years. Scientists learn as much from the theories that fail as they do from the theories that succeed. In fact, in 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming, a Scottish researcher, was experimenting with a flu virus, of all things. A mold appeared on a plate that was accidentally left out over vacation. What did that mold turn out to be? Penicillin.

Fleming was later credited with saying “One sometimes finds what one is not looking for. When I woke up just after dawn on Sept. 28, 1928, I certainly didn’t plan to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the world’s first antibiotic, or bacteria killer. But I guess that was exactly what I did.”

Three years after its discovery, Fleming no longer experimented with penicillin. But the rest of the medical community continued on studying its effectiveness for years. In fact, I read about a 2016 study that sought answers regarding penicillin and antibiotic resistance. Nearly 100 years later, and we’re still learning.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe Democrats already have all the answers to the WuFlu, and they’re all contained in a vaccine developed in less than a year.

My Hypothesis

I have a different hypothesis regarding the WuFlu. Each day, more truths are revealed, which is making it hard for leftists to stay the course. Soon, they will need to erase the proof of their individual involvement. But these mask mandates and quarantines can’t be erased from history. As much as leftists love Facebook, Twitter, and the other liberal leaning social media platforms, they will soon learn these companies provide historical references conservatives will be able to use as irrefutable proof of this scamdemic.

I’m reminded of a story about a mother, who forced her teenage son to get vaccinated. He didn’t want to, but she took seriously their “civic duty” to help stop the spread. I can’t blame this mother for what happened next- she went by the hundreds of mainstream media outlets and experts who pushed these death pokes. But, her son took the shot, which plagued his young heart. He later died during his basketball game as a result.

Why didn’t any of these experts shout “STOP!”? Or what about the babies lost? I’m not talking about aborted babies, where the mother made an awful choice. I’m talking about mothers who took a shot, hoping to shield their newborns from injury. When it was discovered that many babies were miscarried after vaccination- why didn’t someone shout “WAIT!”? Where was the scientific method employed to dig for answers?

Instead, it’s been nothing but lies and propaganda. But the truth is coming. As are the lawsuits. By next year, Joe Biden’s narrative will be completely flipped. He’ll then tell the story like this. “Come on, man. I was there. I was on the front lines trying to save young mothers from getting those vaccinations. Because I lost my own wife and baby when they were vaccinated while I was riding millions of miles on the Amtrak trying to save the country from a virus I knew was going to come after us. That’s what I learned with my three college degrees, how to save the world.”

And when he says it, just remember, you read it here first.

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