Elder Abuse: Liberal’s Shameful Masquerading of Joe Biden

Anyone “awake” enough, and not saddled by the joke woke movement, has to be cognizant of the Liberal party’s exploitation of their man, Joe Biden.

It’s called Elder Abuse.

It’s a mess.  In fact, Biden’s a mess.  The Democratic party is a mess.  And yet the Dems are so “proud of Joe” for hanging in there at the presser for almost 2 hours.  They shot the poor guy up with B-12 and hoped he could finish out the day.  Who’s running the show anyway?  Definitely not Joe.

We all know how corrupt he is, and maybe he deserves all of this, but regardless – this is nothing short of elder abuse.  I would be screaming about this if it was someone other than the leader of one of the most corrupt political crime families.  He shares this space with the Trifecta of  Crime families. Namely, the Biden’s, the Clintons, and of course, the Obamas.  If this was happening to another Liberal, one who had integrity and cared, like Joe Manchin, most conservatives wouldn’t stand for this.  But not the Democrats.  They use and abuse each other; chew em’ up, and spit them out.  Everyone in the Liberal realm is expendable.  Like Blacks for example.  And each other.

But Joe, well – he scammed the world.  He extorted money from Ukraine, then got into bed with the Chinese. Obviously, Hunter also got into bed with the Chinese, literally.  But really, who didn’t Hunter get into bed with?  We’ve seen the pictures.  Sadly, Joe was responsible for his wife and daughter’s death.  He and Jill were having an affair that his wife found out about.  She ran a stop sign and was hit by a truck.  Corrupt Joe covered up the affair by going on a media blitz saying the driver was drunk.

It was a calculated lie.

In doing so, he ruined another family along the way.  It’s shameful.  Biden is 100% beyond shameful.

Still, it’s not easy to watch.

Biden’s recent press conference was a clown show.  His behind-the-scenes handlers don’t care about him. They seated the guy in the big chair because Democrats knew they could manipulate him at every step – for the good of the party, of course.  Joe does not think for himself.  Actually, he can’t think for himself.  Understand the difference.

There is not one person that is genuinely looking out for our President.  Few claim to, even if in name only.  His wife isn’t watching out for him.  She knew Biden had dementia before he ran, but she didn’t care, or so it seems.  She parades him around the world in his constant state of confusion where he is nothing more than the laughing stock.  That’s how he will be forever remembered.  NOT the guy from Scranton.  Was he ever really from Scranton?  I thought it was just the crew from Dunder Mifflin.

So, what gives?

For any Liberal who touts how great they are by saying how much they care for the little guy, the underdog, or the downtrodden, just take a look at Joe.  Because there’s not one Liberal in the Democratic Party that gives a hoot about this dude= their dude, that is.  The President.

The bleeding heart Liberals are nowhere to be found.  Because they aren’t – bleeding hearts.  Not by a long shot.  They have turned into soul-suckers.

And yet, we were raised to revere our elders.  Always.

Clearly, Liberals don’t. They don’t revere anyone.  Everything and everyone is collateral damage – for the love of money, power, and greed.

As I watched my father, part of the Greatest Generation, struggle with his dementia, it wasn’t easy on him, nor our family.  He was a proud patriot and was accustomed to being self-sufficient and in control.  Maybe you know someone like that… if so, you know what it means to watch the person you love to lose some, or in parts, their mental faculties.

But out of love and loyalty, the natural inclination was to insulate him and be overprotective.  Of who he was in our eyes, and what we knew he would still want to be considered in the obstructed world he now existed in.  If anyone would have belittled him, or taken advantage of him, you can bet, our collective dukes would be up and ready to knock somebody’s block off.  As it should be.

But not for Joe.  Why isn’t his family protecting him?  Why are the Democrats abusing him this way?  It’s heartless.

So, maybe Joe deserves all that he’s getting.  He’s corrupt.  But now he’s old, demented, and yes, still corrupt.

But I can’t help but ask, even though I know the answer, shouldn’t somebody care?





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