Former Biden Team Defector Exiled to MSNBC

Now that the public understands that Democrats and fake news networks are one and the same, it’s no surprise that a Team Demento defector returns to television.

According to Mediate,

Symone Sanders is about to return to television — as the Democratic strategist and former senior advisor to Vice President Kamala Harris is getting a new TV show on MSNBC.

The network announced Sanders will host a new weekend program on MSNBC. The time slot and the show name are still in development, but Sanders, according to The New York Times, will work as a fill-in anchor and will host The Choice on Peacock until her program is ready to launch in the spring.

Out of curiosity, can you name the top 3 MSNBC hosts, and I will give you Rachel Maddow. Go!

If you can’t name them, I’m not surprised. I don’t think the MSNBC network execs can name them either.

What purpose does MSNBC accomplish by adding yet another hardcore Leftist? The fake news outlet is full of them.

Are they thinking that Sanders will dish dirt on Kamala Harris, now that they perhaps parted acrimoniously? While I bet Sanders would love to kick Harris to the curb, the cult of Democrat won’t allow it.

So what will Sanders’ program be about?

At present there is no premise for her show, ergo no timeslot. But as the story suggests, Sanders will fill in for the other anchors who shows get no Nielsen love.

The ratings.

The Daily Wire reported back in December,

MSNBC likely eyes its future warily. In August numerous sources close to its top anchor, Rachel Maddow, leaked that she was considering leaving the network and forming her own streaming content platform when her contract expired in early 2022. CNN reportedly leaped at the opportunity to poach talent its top-rated competitor, with network president Jeffrey Zucker offering Maddow $20 million to anchor a show on its new streaming platform, CNN+. In the end, MSNBC re-signed Maddow, wooing her with a $30 million annual contract (more than four times her previously reported $7 million-a-year salary). The network will wind down her weeknight show next spring in favor of “a weekly program that will air 30 times a year,” according to OutKick.

MSNBC also continues to struggle with the 25-to-54 demographic. Only three of its shows — Maddow (15), “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” (22), and “All In with Chris Hayes” (23) — landed in the top 25 with that audience. The network will soon have an opportunity to change up its programming schedule, as it is losing Brian Williams, the host of “The 11th Hour,” by year’s end.

Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Hayes: I had forgotten those other chicks on MSNBC.

Based on Maddow’s salary, the network is betting a lot on that one dude. Thirty million for Maddow’s drivel. That’s a high paid mouthpiece, even for the Democratic Party.

Oh well, I wait on the fireworks when Sanders gets into her first salary dispute. The racial implications make me want to grab my popcorn and soda for the explosions.

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