How Trump would CRUCIFY Hillary Clinton in 2024

Surprisingly, Biden has managed to have a worse presidency than Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. Those are two very low bars, nevertheless Biden “limboed” beneath them.

Because of the pathetic performance of Biden, Democrats want to cut their losses. My only real proof of this is if I had supported Biden, I’d be looking for a way to hide my shame. Which brings me to something I’ve been curious about for most of the last year: Where are the loudmouths who so hated Trump?

People like Robert DeNiro, Debra Messing, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Ashley Judd, George Takei, and the dozens of other demented showbiz clowns. What say they about Captain Joey Demento?

Maybe Trump-hating Chrissy Tiegen could give a shout-out from rehab on how much she loves Joe Biden? Or her Trump-hating cuck John Legend could comment on his love for rich old white demented buffoons.

I found this list of 61 Hollyweirdos who hate Trump. Interestingly, many of these people’s careers are in the toilet. But even more interesting to me is their deafening SILENCE!

Which brings me to the balloon being floated by some Democrats. Apparently, Democrats want “New Change They Still Can’t Believe In!”, as calls for Hillary Clinton to return to politics are suggested.

Yes, rumors abound about Democrats wanting to jettison Biden-Harris. And who could blame them. But is Hillary Clinton the answer?

Not according to this writer at The Boston Herald. He writes,

We have one message for Hillary Clinton: Don’t do it!

The trial balloon sent up this week in the Wall Street Journal by two New York political operatives should fall to Earth. No matter how lackluster Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appear, Hillary Clinton will just be more of the same.

So would Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar. At 74 years old, Hillary Clinton is not too old, especially in a Democratic party that favors stalwarts. But it comes off as a party spinning its wheels. Let’s be thankful Bill Clinton can’t run again.

In other words, the Democrats have no bench.

After showcasing over 20 potential candidates for the presidency, Democrats can’t find anybody to replace the worn out retreads of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton?

The article continues,

Hillary Clinton has already proven she cannot stand up to the likes of Donald Trump, or even fellow pugilist Chris Christie. And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sure looks more and more like a GOP presidential candidate every day.

The Journal opinion piece by Douglas Schoen and Andrew Stein, a pollster and New York City council president, respectively, is straight out of the perennial candidate’s playbook. (Google that title and up comes Stacey Abrams, who’s running for Georgia governor.) As an aside, Abrams caused a stir this week when she conveniently missed Biden’s voting rights speech in Atlanta.

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In case you missed it, the writer of the article believes Hillary Clinton herself is the one proposing the trial balloon.

But as the writer notes, Trump jumped them:

Trump, never missing a punch, called out both for the bad optics. Why not stand next to Biden on the issue she has been promoting night and day? Abrams, we’re sure, took a look at the president’s poll numbers and scrambled to come up with an excuse.

You can bet that Democrats are polling for potential replacements for Harris, at least, and potentially Biden-Harris. Some likely believe that Biden will pull the “health” card like Lyndon Johnson did in 1968 to bow out of the next election.

Regardless, I predict that the Biden-Harris ticket is dead. Moreover, a Harris-[insert any Leftist clown here] ticket will never exist. Finally, Hillary Clinton will come nowhere near a potential run against Trump. No one wants to rack up that many public losses.



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