Kamala Harris’ HORRENDOUS Interview

I chuckle at Leftists who keep hoping things will improve with Biden-Harris.

The ticket that won by coup is suddenly supposed to perform like rock stars. Democrats bet their future on not one, but TWO political hacks who couldn’t win legitimately in ten lifetimes. Two people whose political track records define tragedy.

Neither Biden nor Harris look good on paper, much less in reality. And because of The Big Cheat they are forced to perform.

Well if you like circus acts, then Biden-Harris don’t disappoint.

Currently the White House is trying to revamp Kamala Harris’ perception. However, one problem persists: Kamala Harris’ reality.

In an interview that aired Thursday, Harris sat down for a one-on-one with TODAY’s Craig Melvin for a discussion of various issues. Harris did what Harris does. She whiffed it.

Listen to this answer about the Biden administration’s wacko strategy in dealing with the scamdemic of Wuflu:

Alex Thompson noted Harris’ insane non-answer in his tweet that included the segment of the interview.

Craig Melvin asks if it’s time to change admin’s strategy on Wuflu.

Harris replies:

“It is time for us to do what we have been doing. And that time is every day. Every day it is time for us to agree that there are things and tools that are available to us to slow this thing down”

If you find yourself shaking your head at this response, remember how Harris gained political clout: on her back and knees.

Caleb Ecarma of Vanity Fair wrote “Kamala Harris’s Revamped Press Strategy is Off to a Bumpy Start.”

Harris has left her bunker. After a long period of doing scant press, the vice president has conducted a smattering of interviews, including a Thursday morning appearance on the Today show that was widely shared and commented on. In one noteworthy clip, NBC’s Craig Melvin asked about the validity of a New York Times column that proposed replacing Harris with someone like Republican Liz Cheney if and when Joe Biden runs for reelection.

“Are we going to see the same Democratic ticket in 2024?” Melvin asked. Harris attempted to brush off the question: “I’m sorry, we are thinking about today,” she said. “I mean, honestly, I know why you’re asking the question because this is part of the punditry and the gossip around places like Washington, D.C.” When Melvin persisted, asking whether she’d read the article, she shut him down: “I really could care less about the high-class gossip on these issues.”

The back-and-forth marked the second time in two months that Harris has been asked about her future with Biden. “I’ll be very honest: I don’t think about it,” she told The Wall Street Journal in a wide-ranging December interview, when asked whether Biden will run for reelection. “Nor have we talked about it.”

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That article is scathing in its implications.

“Punditry and gossip”? Who in their right mind wouldn’t question whether the entire Biden-Harris ticket will run in 2024?

America’s first female and first black VP blew it; and not like she did to ascend to her current position.

Too bad Harris can’t rely on the same tactics she used to gain power to keep it.

Moving on, another Leftists excoriated Harris, as Claire Lampen of The Cut penned the headline of “Come Again, Kamala?

Lampen wrote mockingly of Harris’ response.

I love this answer and have listened to it like eight times already, though I cannot tell you what it means; the flashes of Cousin Greg testifying before Congress are too strong. Time happens every day, so every day is always now, when we are doing what we are doing? Sure!

To be fair, Harris did go on to say that the millions of eligible people who haven’t gotten vaccinated should go ahead and do that because it “will save their lives,” which, yeah, that would really help. Realistically, though, doing “what we have been doing” probably means that obstinate faction (about 25 percent of the U.S. adult population) will continue to eschew the shot, but Harris does not “believe in giving up on people, Craig.” You know what she does believe? That those 500 million rapid tests the government is supposedly sending us should ship “shortly,” maybe “by next week, but soon. Absolutely soon.” I hope this has been helpful!

Yes real Americans, people are beginning to mock the most mockable administration in history.

And I take this time to warn Leftists, as I do daily on my radio show. Things will NOT get better for Biden, Harris, or Biden-Harris.

The world knows that these incompetents were cheated into office. And like anybody unequipped for the job, Biden-Harris demonstrates daily that they were never up for any challenge.

Heck, I’m surprised Biden can still spell his own name.

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