OUTPERFORMED: Biden PROVES He’s a Braindead Moron

Not that anybody really questioned Biden’s competency, because only an idiot wouldn’t believe the old fart is a complete moron. But Biden can be counted on to prove it.

Check out just one of his cringeworthy answers at his recent press conference when he was asked about his performance:

Q: “Did you over-promise?”

BIDEN: “I didn’t over-promise. I have probably outperformed what anyone thought would happen.”

Full Transcript:

The reporter asked, “I know that some of my colleagues will get into some specific issues, but I want to zoom out on your first year in office.”

“Inflation is up, your signature domestic legislation is stalled in Congress, in a few hours from now … an effort in the Senate to deal with voting rights and voting reform legislation is going to fail, COVID-19 is still taking the lives of 1,500 Americans every day, and the nation’s divisions are just as raw as they were a year ago.”

“Did you over promise to the American public what you could achieve in your first year in office? And how do you plan to course correct going forward?”

Biden answers flippantly, “Why are you such an optimist?”
He continued, “Look, I didn’t over-promise, but I have probably outperformed what anyone thought would happen.”

Biden’s answer should invoke the 25th Amendment.

How could Biden possibly believe he outperformed? Admittedly, the bar was set low with his selection. But even Democrats are shocked at just how much Biden’s destroyed. It’s mind-boggling. We’re no longer energy dependent. The fact that inflation is now referred to as Bidenflation speaks volumes. We haven’t seen anything like this in over four decades. Gas and Groceries are forcing millions of families to make difficult choices, such as forgoing needed medications in order to feed the kids.

Afghanistan probably serves as the moment Democrats realized they were facing buyer’s remorse. It was an undeniable disaster that happened solely because Biden somehow stole the keys to the kingdom. Just the idea that elitists selected Biden for The Big Cheat says it all. A 40+ year veteran of failed politics.





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