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Rand Paul: Fauci’s Vaccine Push Responsible for Covid Deaths

Dr. Fauci has spent months putting all his eggs in the same basket. Thus, he focuses on vaccines while completely ignoring treatments and other therapeutics.

The result is disheartening, as the death toll climbs. And there’s one man to blame for the rising numbers.

According to Newsmax:

Sen. Rand Paul is blaming Dr. Anthony Fauci for the thousands of COVID-19 deaths that are happening monthly because of his emphasis on vaccines rather than other treatments.

“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because [Fauci’s] deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” the Kentucky Republican told his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, in an interview on the Ron Paul Liberty Report that was released on Monday.

The senator also said that Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as well as President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, has had a “bias” toward vaccines for years, dating back to his work during the AIDS epidemic.

“I think Fauci is of the philosophy that vaccines are incredibly successful and are the way to go versus therapeutics,” said Paul, who is an ophthalmologist. “So with regard to AIDS, he was involved as the AIDS epidemic came up, he wanted to develop a vaccine. There’s nothing wrong with that. He wanted to develop a vaccine. Vaccines can be great for polio or smallpox. … It didn’t actually work for AIDS.”

The senator has slammed Fauci often in recent months and has said he favors monoclonal antibodies as “one of the most promising treatments” for COVID.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Fauci told MSNBC that implementing a federal rule requiring vaccinations for people flying domestically would be “another incentive” to get more people to get their shots.

“If you want to do that with domestic flights, I think that’s something that seriously should be considered,” he said.

However, Fauci is ignoring one important fact. People are rebelling against these mandates.

Recently, more than 200 Marines faced discharge for refusing to be forced into vaccination. It’s happening across the country. Citizens take their freedom seriously. Thus, they prefer to shutdown industries than to take this death poke.

Paul, meanwhile, has claimed that Fauci lies about how natural immunity is effective against the virus, telling Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow this fall that Fauci “thinks it might slow down vaccination.”

He also said on the program that he is “for people getting vaccinated, particularly people at risk. But the thing is, if you ignore naturally acquired immunity then you’re saying we don’t have enough people, you have to force it on younger people.”

Paul recently told Newsmax that he thinks Fauci has become too powerful.

”You have to realize that when Fauci says that he is science and that we shouldn’t challenge or question him, most of the things he gives edicts on are not based on science, they are actually public policy,” Paul said on ”Eric Bolling: The Balance.” ”It’s a huge mistake to let one individual have that kind of power over the economy, or over science, or over public health.”

Rand Paul is correct. No one voted Fauci to the top of the science chain. Moreso, he’s certainly not an elected official that presides in either the House or the Senate. Thus, he has no real power over anything. He gets away with such power because we allow him to. And while conservatives are ready to push Fauci through the exit door, way too many leftists prefer to keep being sheeple. As the unnecessary deaths pile up, I’m reminded of the solemn words from Jesus, as quoted in Luke. “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do.”

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