Sanity restored: No Wuflu Vaccines for Kids

Finally a country with some sanity

Vax Nazis are getting a rude wakeup call. And it’s long overdue.

These self-appointed health nuts have held dominion over a free nation for far too long. I’ve vowed that the next person who dare comment about masks to me or tell me to get a death poke will get a physical challenge from me. I vow to kick his vax Nazi ass.

These people have lost their own minds. So easily tricked by Fauci the Fraud and his ilk. As I say often on my radio show, anyone willingly wearing a mask or getting the death poke who demands others do the same should kick their own ass.

Along with mountains of data disputing everything about Wuflu, we move from the ridiculous to the sublime. We are now being told that the Omicron variant has a variant. These scam artists haven’t even reached the end of the Greek alphabet and now we get BA-2 or some other variant nonsense.

Still, Captain Demento’s administration led by Fauci the Fraud continues his push for vaccinations, boosters, and masks. However, the rest of the world may be waking up.

Case in point: Sweden. Check out this tweet:

JUST IN – Sweden has decided against recommending #COVID19 vaccines for kids aged 5 to 11. The benefits do not outweigh the risks, the Health Agency argued.

Sweden has announced that they DO NOT recommend the Wuflu vaccine for kids. And the reason is simple.

In fact, they use the same reason you shouldn’t vaccinate adults: the risks outweigh the benefits.

Many doctors say myocarditis (inflammation around the heart) is far more common after the covid vaccine.  For example, a 13-year-old boy in Michigan died three days after being vaccinated. Back in June, we were told the CDC was investigating. But they still haven’t made any bold statements to warn parents. And this 13-year-old isn’t an isolated case.

At this point, things have unraveled so far that leftists now hope people will just die willingly. Because soon, the liabilities will start tallying up. I expect a class-action lawsuit to infect our social media feeds before the year ends. And when they do, those lawyers will be looking for blood.

Team Demento has known all along that this virus is a death poke. Recall the way Democrats railed against vaccinations under Trump. However, post-coup these Leftist butt-monkeys went all in for the big theft. Now after stealing $6 trillion, they sense that they can’t get blood from a turnip. So the reversal begins.

Expect Fauci the Fraud to start looking at “guidance” from other countries, as the CDC follows suit. In a year, Democrats will say, “No harm, no foul”, as they continue running from the damage done by this scam.

Do NOT wait for any apologies, as apologies will not come.



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