United Airlines Employees Getting Even with CEO

United Airlines employees might as well let their CEO know that the company’s new slogan is “Let’s go, Brandon!”.

Back in Aug of last year, CEO Scott Kirby jumped on the vax mandate like Democrats vote: early and often. He couldn’t wait to capitulate to the pro-death-poke Nazis, requiring his employees to get vaxxed.

While many fell for the scare tactics and put their lives in danger, many waited. And in October, a federal judge ruled against United. And now the employees on reprieve from Biden-mandated “death row” are fighting back.

Kirby announced to employees that United Airlines is trimming its schedule. The airline was forced to do this due to a surge in sick calls among employees. United first began to cut some flights before Christmas, but it continues.

Understand that the entirety of airline industry employees are showing their CEOs whose really in charge. And it doesn’t take unions to make this happen. People are acting independently, though they may be acting through company forums and private, non-Leftist-owned communications platforms.

JetBlue Airways was the first carrier to cut back its January. They claimed this was due to a surge in infection rates among crews. Not long after Alaska Airlines and American Airlines said they would follow suit, using the non-deadly Omicron as a convenient excuse.

Almost laughably, United claims that they are doing their part to stop the spread of the “common cold” disguising as the latest Transformer, namely Omicron. Or is it Deltacron?

Kirby said in a memo published on the company’s website Monday that United is “reducing our near-term schedules to make sure we have the staffing and resources to take care of customers.”

Sure. Because United Airlines is all about customer service. The company that cancelled my must-have 6A flight to Vegas with an hour’s notice. And when I had to buy an $1100 spur of the moment ticket on another airline, United offered me a “take it or leave it” $100 voucher on their crappy airline.

I haven’t flown them since, nor do I plan to. Apparently, if I wait long enough, Kirby may end up selling the “woke” company in a fire sale.

A spokeswoman on Tuesday declined to say how many flights United is canceling. But it will be a buttload. Perhaps Kirby and other airline CEOs will realize that the government only has short-term cash. The airlines needs butts in the seats. And if they continue abusing their clients, they will find that we are willing to drive, ride the train, take a bus, or just stay home.

Let’s go, Brandon! That’s to Biden, Kirby, and any other “woke” CEOs who believe they can control the buying public, aka the taxpaying American citizen. We are done!

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