Gender Unicorn Creates Confusion Nationwide

Leftism Continues to Attack Children

As children growing up, there were certain standards and societal staples we learned at home. Along with academics, these norms were reaffirmed at school. How to share, play fair, take turns, be polite, and of course, the time-tested notion that some students were girls, and the rest were boys-and that’s all.

As we progressed through school, these basic principles concerning two genders were further explained in biology class. However, in 2022 something changed. Based on certain groups and many, many media sources, we have somehow gone from two genders to seventy-two.

That’s right-seventy-two.

How did we get here, you may ask? By changing the substantive to the subjective.

To put it more succinctly, in a quote from the film, “Iron Man 2”, the movie’s villain references defeating the hero: “If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in Him. There will be blood in the water; the sharks will come.  All I have to do is sit back and watch as the world consumes you.” Whenever you impute the validity of a standard, facts become a narrative, and any extension becomes subject to interpretation.

As such, they simply had to cast doubt concerning a subject that seventh grade biology easily explains, but that far too few truly understand- gender. 

There has always been what some considered, “gender-benders.” Individuals whose demeanor, mannerisms or even purported sexual attractions caused some to view the concept of only two genders as suspect. Despite these, “feelings,” or “beliefs,” gender is not based on how you view others- or even yourself, but rather something far more biological- chromosomes.

An article at offers this clear explanation: “Outside of English, many languages only have one word that means both gender and sex. Gender and sex are the same thing for many cultures. Thus, gender and sex are synonymous. There are only two sexes: XX and XY. People with XX chromosomes produce eggs and people with XY chromosomes produce sperm. There cannot be a third gender because there are only two chromosome configurations that people can have. If you are born with XX chromosomes, you are a female in sex and in gender, whereas if you are born with XY chromosomes, you are a male.”

Simple enough, right?

Regardless of what “the science” says, Medicine.Net gives this hypothesis:

“In today’s age, one does not need to fit in with regards to their choices, including their gender identity.             Gender is no more regarded as a binary concept where one can either be a male or a female. It has emerged as a continuum or spectrum where one can identify themselves as any of the gender identities.

The term gender identity means how a person identifies themselves concerning their gender. It may be regardless of their anatomy or genetics. Thus, a person may identify themselves as male, female, none, both, or some other category independent of their genitals. The idea is to make everyone feel comfortable in their skin irrespective of what gender they were assigned at birth.”                  

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Feel “comfortable” now? I didn’t think so.                                                                       

From, ‘Agender’ to ‘Omnigender’(??) they go on from that gauge to offer the entire seventy-two. With this in mind, we come back around to how this affects our children. A few months ago, the Seattle-based Discovery Institute shared its disturbing findings. According to the study, many Pre-K schools are now using a “Gender Unicorn to make their indoctrination more palatable to children. Unbeknownst to most of the parents and utilizing taxpayer money, they contribute to the delinquency of the minors in their charge, as they offer this mythical gender-bending “harmless” figure. The report states as follows:   

“Adopted in 2016 by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gender Unicorn use has spread nationwide and into Canada. The Washington State ASCD Curriculum in Context Spring/Summer 2020 lists the Gender Unicorn as one of several “educational materials” for teachers. The Alberta Teacher’s Association includes the Gender Unicorn in their 152-page teacher toolkit aimed at cultivating LBGTQ-inclusive classrooms.                                                      

The character is designed to look endearing to young children, similar to the popular Barney or Boz. However, this unicorn walks students through self-selecting their gender identity, their gender expression, the gender they’re physically attracted to, and the gender they’re emotionally attracted to. Each option includes not only categories such as women/men and feminine/masculine but also “other.” Even their “sex assigned at birth” is open to interpretation — it includes female and male, but also “other/intersex.”       

Wait, there’s more!                                                                          

If that weren’t enough, the early childhood education organization known as “Tutor Time,” has added “Julian Is A Mermaid” about an effeminate cross-dressing boy to their reading lists. Tutor Time’s beginning age group? Pre-Kindergarten.

Make no mistake, our most basic of truths have become ambiguous for far too many. There is blood in the water, but the sharks are not coming; they are already here.    

If you’re not already shocked, if you’re not afraid for your children and the next generation- I can think of at least 72 reasons why you should be.       

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-Lawrence Johnson 


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