Hillary Clinton Appears at New York State Convention

Is Durham going after her with some conspiracy theory?

Hillary’s getting worked up, now that the public is turning on her. People are starting to see Clinton as a toxic nasty narcissist.

The Durham probe ruffled her feathers, but she’s trying hard to hide her fear. Still, in the back of her mind, Hillary has to know her crimes will eventually catch up to her. No one gets away with that many blunders without ever getting caught.

Well, to be fair, she’s been caught many times. She’s just never faced charges for anything. Not Whitewater, not the many mysterious deaths of Clinton associates, not even Benghazi. Certainly not the email scandal in which she was caught being extremely careless with classified information. Comey decided not to charge her with a crime because he didn’t want to chance a Donald Trump victory. But Trump managed to get one anyway.

In fact, Google pointed me to a list of twenty Hillary scandals. If you know them like I do, skip the list. But if you’ve forgotten a few, allow me to remind you.

    1.  Benghazi: “Clinton lied, four Americans died” on her watch & she was at the heart of the cover-up. Said she submitted all documents & four months after request, still more documents are uncovered. During testimony, famously said, “What Difference Does it Make!”
    2.  Travelgate: fired all white house travel staff that had worked for 7 presidents, claiming financial misdeeds & replaced with her friends, a travel business worth $31M annually. All employees were exonerated by the FBI, GAO, DOJ and others & reinstated.
    3. Vince Foster’s Death: longtime friend involved in several Clinton scandals, strange circumstances surrounded his death in 1993; investigation ensued & before police could arrive, Clinton staffers removed boxes on Whitewater & Travelgate; she claimed innocence.
    4.  Hillary Care: National outrage on a self-admitted unqualified person in developing Hillary Care; delivered a 1342 page disastrous product. Fed judge threatened to hold them in contempt. It costs taxpayers $32M for the fiasco. Hillary fined $450K for dishonesty, court cost to taxpayers $750K. Voters later put Republicans in charge of house & senate, first time in 40 years due to this fiasco.
    5. As a Senator: she accomplished nothing, not a single piece of landmark legislation to her name, only 3 small insignificant bills.
    6. Chronic Habitual Liar: Every scandal surrounding her, she has lied about even under oath. She didn’t land under sniper fire in Iraq as she said, nor was she named after Sir Edmond Hillary. He climbed Mt Everest after she was born—too many lies to even mention.
    7. Whitewater Investigation: Hillary was the central figure in this fraudulent venture. Only 1st Lady to be subpoenaed by a grand jury. Investigation found pervasive conflicts between her law firm & others. Following their acquittal, the documents magical reappeared in the Clinton’s residence. She denied any knowledge but her fingerprints were all over the documents, cost to taxpayers: $145M.
    8. Clinton Legal Defense Fund: established to individuals or companies hoping to gain favor with the president could help pay Clinton’s endless legal bills. Also noteworthy: Saudi Arabia is funding 20% of her campaign.
    9. Filegate: Clinton administration improperly requested & received personal information for her “Enemies List” including background reports, credit card #, & passwords of 900 individuals resulting in 3 investigations in 1996—names a “Congenital Liar” by the NY Times.
    10. IRS Abuses: She used the IRS to harass her enemies including Republicans, White House Travel Office, NRA, Judicial Watch, & other conservative groups, also Pres Clinton’s female accusers—Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Juanita Broadrick & Elizabeth Ward Gracen.
    11. Chinagate: In 1996 Justice Dept investigates campaign fundraising abuses & cover ups regarding: efforts by China to influence U.S. policies, government & military—funneled millions into the Clinton re-election campaign.
    12. Pardongate: As Pres Clinton left office in 2001—he pardoned 450 people for crimes from cocaine trafficking to kidnapping & terrorism. Several pardons benefitted Hillary & were investigated for direct ties to her NY senate bid, such as Marc Rich, billionaire felon & fugitive on FBI’s 10 most wanted list, his wife funneled millions into her senate campaign and $600K to the Clinton Library. Hillary denied her role in any pardons—list of pardons too long to mention here, but most benefited in some way for the Clintons.
    13. Cattlegate: her first trade investment of $5K for cattle futures returned $490K. She refused to release her tax info. Hillary insisted she made all investments herself, however it was James Blair with Refco Investments who was outside counsel for Tyson Foods in Arkansas. She received preferential treatment & huge financial returns to influence her husband, then the Governor of Arkansas.
    14. Clinton Secrets: Presidential Records Act allow unrestricted access to documents after 12 years, 14 years later they still refuse to release them, in spite of 300 Freedom of Information Acts, completely ignored.
    15. State Dept Scandals: Sexual assaults by security officials in Beirut, endemic engagement of prostitutes by her security detail, solicitation of child male prostitutes by Belgium US Ambassador. She called off internal investigation into her State Dept claiming she had no knowledge of any scandals in her state dept.
    16. Clinton Foundation Conflicts of Interest: NY Times exposed the “moral & fiscal chaos & shameless fundraising” mired in conflict. Hillary traveled to Moscow to urge the Russian gov’t to purchase planes from Boeing. Two months later, contracts in hand, Boeing donated $900K to the Clinton (Crime) Foundation, now tied to her campaign. Foreign donations increased by 70% in 2008.
    17. Trashed the White House: During 2001 transition, the US GAO found that Clinton staffers not only left rude messages to the incoming Bush team, but caused THOUSANDS of dollars’ worth of damage to the White House—all done intentionally.
    18. Lootergate: When the Clintons were “dead broke” after leaving the White House, allegations were the dynamic duo sent White House furniture to their personal home in NY. George Bush disregarded the “childish actions.”
    19. Women’s Rights: Self-declared commitment to human rights for women is a critical lie as she accepts large donations from Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, & Saudi Arabia—those countries with the worst human rights for women.
    20. Military & Law Enforcement: She has been cited in numerous books for her hatred and disdain for the military, law enforcement, & her own secret service protection. Is that who you want for our Commander-in-Chief? Because she says she just might make another run at it.

I would just love it if this list followed Hillary everywhere she goes, in the form of a giant marquee. Especially now that she’s floating rumors of running again. And denying the fact the Durham caught her red-handed.

Fox Conspiracy Theory

When Hillary showed up at the Democratic Convention in New York City amid the Special Counsel John Durham probe controversy, she called it a Fake Scandal. Fake News. And she blamed it on Trump and Fox.

FNN elaborates:

During her speech, Clinton accused Fox News of lying about her in an attempt to spread disinformation regarding the Durham probe.

“We can’t get distracted by the latest culture war nonsense or a new right wing lie on Fox or Facebook,” the former presidential candidate said. “By the way, they are after me again lately, in case you may have noticed.”

“It’s funny. The more trouble Trump gets into the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get.”

“Fox leads the charge with accusations against me counting on their audience to fall for it again,” she continued.

Clinton went on to claim that Fox News was approaching legal liability for its reports on the Durham probe, saying, “And as an aside, they’re getting awfully close to actual malice in their attacks. But as I said, don’t get distracted.”

In her address, Clinton blasted the Republican Party as divisive, violent, and dangerous to U.S. democracy.

“We are in uncharted territory. And make no mistake, our adversaries around the world are watching,” the former Secretary of State said. “Republicans are defending coup plotters. They’re curbing voting rights at precisely, the moment when democracy needs champions.”

I’ve never heard a more utterly false statement. But Hillary’s claims aren’t the worst part of it. The worst part is the fact that thousands of ignorant leftists actually believe her. And make no mistake, the biggest threat to Democracy happens to be the big three: Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens. You can take that straight to the bank.





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