VERIFIED Voter Fraud in Texas

Let the Voting Begin!

A Democrat in Texas was convicted of harvesting votes for Joe Biden. And the social media Gestapo never allowed the story to be reported.

Last year, the Texas state attorney general had Raquel Rodriguez arrested on four felonies for voter fraud. Undercover investigators caught her red-handed admitting she had broken election law to help elect Biden.

Project Veritas released several videos of Rodriguez, who refers to herself as “Rachel”, bragging about breaking the law. She also mentions that she has politicians of both parties “in my pocket.”

At the time, we posted the tweets that pointed to the videos. But surprise! Now that account is suspended. In the videos, which still exist on the Project Veritas website, Rodriguez tells an undercover journalist that some Republicans in the reddest state in the country paid her to throw the election for Joe Biden.

“My people are undercover, because some of them are Republicans, some of them are Democrats,” she can be heard explaining. ”So, some of my Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known because they could get kicked out but they want to help the Bidens.”

She agrees to a client’s terms that she produce “$55,500 for 5,000 votes” for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate MJ Hegar, who lost to John Cornyn, as well as Joe Biden. She later says she usually gets paid “between $5 and $8 per vote.”

She appears to engage in ballot harvesting — collecting ballots from people and turning them in at once — as well as giving a woman a shawl if she’ll vote for her preferred candidate and “correcting” a woman who didn’t vote for a Democrat…

All of which is of course illegal under Texas law. But all of this came to light a year ago, so why bring it up now? Funny you should ask. Turns out, new election laws created a nightmare in the Lone Star State.

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Returned Ballots

According to one NBC affiliate, this is all Governor Abbott’s fault. Shame on him for passing legislation that asks voters to both identify themselves and sign their mail-in ballots to legitimize them. Banks require identification and signatures before they pass out any money. Why should voting have a lesser standard? Yet, these new standards have Democrats and a few RINOs in an uproar.

NBC adds:

Texas began early voting Monday in 2022′s first primary following a rushed rollout of tougher restrictions and the return of hundreds of mail ballots, dealing Republicans a clumsy debut of voting rules they tightened across the U.S. over the past year in the name of election security.

“Monday is going to be a big day for all of us to see how this plays out,” said Isabel Longoria, the elections administrator for Harris County, which includes Houston and more than 2 million voters.

“I think for all of us there is just a sense of uncertainty,” she said.

Election officials in Republican-leaning counties have also expressed frustration — and confusion — over changes they say they have scrambled to implement since Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in September signed a sweeping law that he said would make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” For hundreds of Texas voters whose mail ballots and ballot applications have been rejected in recent weeks, that is not the case.

Harris County election officials announced just days before the first votes were cast in person that 40% of mail ballots received so far had already been sent back, mostly because they did not include required identification and signatures now mandated under Texas law.

Texas is among at least 18 states that will hold elections this year with heightened restrictions — an outgrowth of former President Donald Trump’s repeated false claims that the 2020 election was stolen. Republicans have rejected Democrats’ protests that the changes would disenfranchise voters, particularly minorities.

But Texas had far less time than any other state to complete the work of changing how elections are run because of its especially early primary March 1 — two months before the next states, Indiana and Ohio, go to the polls in May.

How smoothly Texas’ primary goes in the coming weeks will be as closely watched as the actual races, few of which are high-profile. For Republicans, Abbott is heavily favored over a crop of challengers in his campaign for a third term…

Here’s where I might should mention that one such challenger is Beto O’Rourke.

He couldn’t win the Senate. Then, he failed to win the Democratic nomination. So why not go for three losses in a row? It definitely pays off, as the last round of elections left Beto holding the bag with millions of dollars in it. And he refused to roll that money over to the DNC. My guess is that it’s a lot harder to pocket campaign funds when you hand them over to another organization. But I’m not too worried about Beto. There’s no way he’ll take Texas. However, you can bet the farm that I’ll be watching, waiting for Democrats to pull another fast one. If anything good came out of the Big Cheat it’s this- We’re ready. And this time, we know what to look for.



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