FLASHBACK: Remind me: Who is Mike Pence?

And does anyone actually care?

Let’s just keep things real. Nobody gives a crap about Mike Pence.

I met Pence a few times. Nice guy. Not the kind of guy I would necessarily hang out with. A bit too “buttoned up” for me. Pence is the type of guy who has an air of moral superiority. And no, it’s not my failings that make me say that about Pence. I just know the type.

I believe Pence is a pious as he presents himself. He truly fears the evil that lurks within him. And that is a good thing. But I’m a firm believer that people must “be themselves”. I don’t get the feeling that Pence is really being his true self.

No offense to the man. To each his own. But as a leader, Pence is not somebody I would follow.

Pence was shoe-horned into the VP spot last time. But we didn’t need Trump to tell us that he would not pick Pence again. In fact, I was surprised he ran with him again in 2020. In one of the few mistakes I say Trump made, running with Pence again was one of them.

Mike Pence’s political career is over.

He went as far as he can or will go. And it’s been a good run.

While I proudly proclaim myself to be part of the “religious right”, I’m not so sanctimonious that I would pick Pence on that characteristic alone. I recall ridiculing Trump during the 2016 primary, when Trump visited Liberty University and read from “Two Corinthian”.

My older brother, who didn’t vote for Trump the first time, used Trump’s lack of “God” as the reason. Like many people, he felt that Trump was too callous for the job. In less than a month into Trump’s presidency, my brother changed his mind.

I felt real joy, as my idol called to admit to me that he made a mistake not following my advice to vote for Trump.

Later, my brother called me to say that Trump might have done more for the “religious Right” than any president in modern history.

What’s my point?

Pence appears to be very religious, Trump doesn’t. But in the end, what did Trump do for the pious in America? Quite a lot. People criticize Trump for his style, while ignoring his substance.

Pence seems religious. But he’s done little to move the needle. And my fear is if Pence were president, he would “reach across the aisle”. Pence reminds me of a more placid McCain. Like McCain, Pence has a reputation to uphold, ergo a persona he wants people to see.

People like that usually can’t make tough decisions. They are too concerned about how people will perceive them. And that’s no quality worth having if you’re Trump’s wingman.


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