Democrat’s Strangle-hold Squashed in Cleveland District

Laverne Gore to Squash Leftism

Remember the 2012 election cycle when Barack Obama handed out “Obamaphones” to low-income Black communities? Remember the excitement of the Black woman in Cleveland who jumped up and down because she and her friends got a free government Obamaphone?

Imagine – the first Black President thinking a phone was what all these communities needed to be happy. Or more accurately – placated.

End of story. Barack Obama never came back to help Black Communities. Ever. He gave them a phone and then left again– like Liberals always do. They leave their Black constituencies to live in poverty and they give them just enough hand-outs to keep them beholden to their party.

It’s the sickest form of emotional and psychological abuse I’ve ever seen.

But Donald Trump didn’t give them a phone. Nope – he gave them a better life. Under Trump’s Republican leadership, Black unemployment was the lowest it’s ever been. Wages increased, jobs were readily available and tax cuts helped to alleviate financial burdens. He pardoned Blacks who had been wrongly accused or unjustly convicted with unjust incarcerations. Remember Alice Marie Johnson? She was convicted for cocaine trafficking where she never even touched the stuff. Her sentence was life without parole. Trump gave her a full pardon.

Now, more than ever, Black communities need Republican leaders that will enlighten, engage and empower individuals and families to rise above, and break out of perpetual poverty. The families within these cities that are experiencing every level of hardship are craving answers, solutions, and leaders that actually care. They’re not getting any of that from the Liberal Party. Democrats abuse the good faith that their Districts put in them, then they abandon them. They will take your blood-soaked vote and leave you with only a band-aid.

In a letter from James Golden (AKA Bo Snerdley), Founder of New Journey PAC, he delves into the problems facing East Cleveland, Ohio, where he is wholeheartedly backing Republican Lavern Gore for the 11th Congressional District.

According to Golden:

Nowhere is this problem more apparent than in East Cleveland. East Cleveland is a prime example of failed Democrat policies that have turned the community into a cesspool of poverty and broken families for as long as anyone can remember.

New Journey PAC is giving our full and complete endorsement to Laverne Gore, a Black MAGA conservative who is making liberal heads spin. Laverne is the Republican candidate in the special election, and the Democrats are TERRIFIED.

Laverne Gore has what East Cleveland needs.

Lavern Gore is one of 9 children born and raised in Cleveland’s Eastside. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Organizational Development from Pitzer College. Two Master’s degrees, one in Adult Education (M.Ed.) from Cleveland State University and one in Public Health (MPH) from Northeast Ohio Medical University.

She is a business owner, community activist, mentor, and consultant. Her late husband was a Marine Veteran and she supports our military and appreciates all they do and sacrifice for our country. As a military family, they lived overseas for years giving her a broader worldview. One that she brings back to her communities where her combined experiences make her the best choice for Cleveland’s 11th District.

Golden expounds:

Laverne is running against the same liberals who have been running the inner city for generations – every election, they go to the streets and tell us that they will fix everything. Then, once we have voted, they go back to their gated compounds and forget about the ghetto. As a result, schools are failing; crime is rampant, unemployment is sky-high.

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Think Maxine Waters

She represents California’s 43rd District but she doesn’t even live there. She does not live in her own poverty-stricken; crime-ridden district. She lives outside the boundaries in the upscale 37th District so she doesn’t have to see it. She doesn’t have to witness or acknowledge that she is responsible for the broken-down system and her failed policies. You see, Maxine Waters doesn’t care. The stark reality is, she’s a Democrat that doesn’t care about the people and the neighborhoods she represents.

It’s the same in East Cleveland’s 11th District as well.

Legacy of poverty

But the question remains, why are Black communities continuing to vote for the same leaders that have done nothing for them or their families for decades? This consistent and blind faith in leaders that continues to keep their districts in a perpetual legacy of poverty is stunning. Yet, this is exactly where Liberals want them to stay. These poverty stricken communities are a meal ticket. To the best buffet in town.

The tide must change. Community leaders need to penetrate this wall of coercion that Democrats have solidly built around Black precincts. Laverne Gore is working hard to be the voice for so many families that are purposely under-represented.

Golden continues

We will never fix areas like East Cleveland unless we send new people to Congress who will fight for them, not another liberal who votes nearly 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi to continue another generation of failed progressive policies.

Read that again:
  • another generation of failed progressive policies…
  • another failed generation…
  • another generation…

Honestly, how many generations of Black families have to stay stuck because of liberal failed policies?

It’s time to support Black communities, not exploit them.

It’s time to break the chain of liberal leadership failures and vote Republican Laverne Gore for Congress in East Cleveland’s 11th District.

Gore will promote a new generation that prospers.


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