Oscars Went Full Ghetto

Lawsuits to come?

Now we know why a few years back, the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag trended. Because black Leftists don’t know how to behave.

As we’ve learned, showing decorum and respect is racist. So Will Smith went full on “woke”, as he walked to the stage and bitch-slapped Chris Rock in front of Hollywood. Chris Rock was an easy target, because he spent most of his life making bullies laugh, and not fighting.

Dare I say, Will Smith wouldn’t dare slap Michael Jai White, for example. But I digress.

Apparently Will Smith forgot that Chris Rock is a comedian. And comedians make jokes, yes even of tragedies.

From what I heard, Jada Pinkett Smith is experiencing hair loss, and thus shaved her head. For most of her life, Pinkett-Smith has been considered a beauty. Frankly, even without hair, she still looked good. Nevertheless, when a disease or ailment hits home, then it’s off limits to discuss.

So when Chris Rock made reference to GI Jane 2, a movie where Demi Moore shaved her head to become the first female Navy SEAL, Will Smith took it personal. Sure, the quip stung a bit, under the circumstances. But to walk up and hit a man?

Where do Leftists go with this one? Because as we all know, #BlackComicsMatter?!

Well, black Leftists mock Republicans who recommend that Chris Rock sue Will Smith. Aside from the ass-whooping I would have given him, I would have sued him as well. You can’t allow somebody to attack you, particularly when you are at work.

Interestingly, Smith was not thrown out. Instead, Denzel and somebody else pulled him aside to console him.

Frankly, this is the most excitement the Oscars has seen in a while. And you can bet that once the word hit social media, a few people tuned in. I didn’t, as the clip was enough for me. But I am curious as to how they handled things after the fracas. Because from the video one can clearly see Will Smith mouthing something like, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f’g mouth!”

Just another day in Hollywood. But I know that if this little scenario happened on the street, blood would be shed. At least Smith didn’t shoot Rock or vice-versa.

I do want to follow this story to see how it resolves itself.

Will Chris Rock sue Smith? He should. But we already know that he won’t. I know I’d get my girl something out of it, especially if I got embarrassed like that publicly. Rock should have known this a-hole was volatile.

Will Rock sue the Oscars? Possibly, but still doubtful. Still, Leftists are litigious, so why not get some of that latent #OscarsSoWhite money.

Will Chris Rock build an act around this, and really begin ridiculing the Smiths? That’s what I would do. But again, Rock might want to just let sleeping Leftists lie.

What’s clear is Leftists are volatile. They can’t take jokes, because that’s all that was. On the flip-side, they can install a joke into the Oval Office.

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