In all my years of sports, I have never seen an athlete merely fall on the field and die.

I heard of a few high school and college football players over multiple decades dying on the field. In most cases health experts credited their deaths to heat exhaustion.

But I know I can count on one hand the number of amateur and professional athletes who died in their sports by just dropping like a rock.

So why have almost 800 athletes collapsed on the field in just a single year?

Accord to this article, at least 769 athletes athletes have collapsed on the field during a game from March 2021 to March 2022. And while this is a shocking statistic by itself, it gets worse as we learn the reason for these athlete collapsing is due to cardiac arrest.

Finally and perhaps most shocking, is we learned that the average age of the athletes who suffered cardiac arrest is just 23 years old.

The unprecedented surge in cardiac arrests and other heart issues among elite athletes coincides with one thing:  mandatory vaccines from Wuflu.

I tried to find pre-Wuflu information of athletes dying on the field, but haven’t found any yet. In this report, you can see all the athletes who died in 2019.

I did find the “fact-checkers” rebuttal at PolitiFact, and their article reads like somebody paid to counter the anti-vax argument. They write:

A young athlete experiencing cardiac arrest is not common, but it’s also not unprecedented. And there are different reasons an athlete might collapse.

Not unprecedented, perhaps. But 769 cases?

The Miami Open made headlines in early April after 15 vaccinated players dropped out.

Favorite Paul Badosa left the court in tears after becoming unwell. Next, another favorite, Jannik Sinner bent over on the court and eventually left the tournament.  His opponent said he saw him “bend over” on the court and commented, “It was very strange.”

Pearson Sharp of OAN noted,

“These are just two of more than 769 athletes who have collapsed during a game, on the field, over the last year.”

“How many 23-year-old athletes were collapsing and suffering heart attacks before this year? Do you know any 23-year-old people who had heart attacks before now? And these are just the ones we know about. How many have gone unreported? Nearly 800 athletes — young, fit people in the prime of life — falling down on the field. In fact, 500% more soccer players in the EU are dropping dead from heart attacks than just one year ago.”

“Coincidence? When the Pfizer vaccine is known to cause heart inflammation? No. In fact, many doctors treating these players list their injuries and deaths as being directly caused by the vaccine … This is not a coincidence.”

I wonder if Dr. Fauci or the demented president have an explanation.

If you believe that these incidents are not related to the Wuflu vaccines, then you likely believe the following:

  • Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian misinformation
  • Hillary Clinton didn’t work with the Obama administration to target Trump
  • Joe Biden doesn’t suffer from brain damage
  • The Department of Justice is not corrupt
  • The Russians Did It

It’s time common sense makes a HUGE comeback. People can’t be that deeply lacking their faculties.



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