Texas Border Crisis: New Plan Goes Straight to DC

What will Biden do next?

Trump wanted to build a wall around the Lone Star state, and he got off to a great start. But Biden shut it down on January 6th, 2020.

We were left with border crisis that continues to boil over day after day. But now, Governor Abbott came up with a great new idea.

It’s time these migrants sit at Biden’s door instead.

Next month, Biden plans to lift Trump’s pandemic public health order known Title 42. Sadly, the likely effect will be a massive increase in migrants crossing the border. Trump issued the order to help slow the spread of the scamdemic, at least that was the official story. We all know Trump willingly slowed migration in order to put in proper channels for vetting migrants. He was so successful with border security, that Mexico even joined the efforts to keep illegals from crossing the Texas border. But that was then, and this is now.

Our current President would rather see us crumble under the weight of illegal immigration than actually take a stand for what is right. And trust me when I warn that Biden is planning to end Title 42 with NO PLAN of ACTION. In other words, just more chaos in front of us.

Actually, it’s not just chaos. It’s crime. A drain on public resources. Sex trafficking children, drugs, gangs, violence. You name a problem and Biden’s ready to cause it.

Thank God Texas has strong leadership.

CNN elaborates:
Abbott’s announcement took widespread Republican criticism of the move a step further. And the governor said the plan to transport migrants out of Texas was one of a number of steps he intends to take.
Abbott has directed the Texas Division of Emergency Management to charter buses and flights that would send to Washington willing migrants who’ve been processed and released from federal custody, his office said.
“To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden Administration to Washington, DC,” Abbott said during a news conference Wednesday along the US-Mexico border in Weslaco, Texas.
Critics lambasted the announcement as a political stunt and pointed out that the governor is up for reelection.
“He’s wasting taxpayer dollars on a campaign tactic to demonize immigrants,” the Texas Civil Rights Project said on Twitter.
Any migrant transported by Texas “must volunteer to be transported and show documentation from DHS” in order to board a bus or flight, the governor’s office said.
Abbott emphasized, in a Fox News interview Thursday morning, that only immigrants who volunteer to be transported to Washington would be sent there, or it “would be kidnapping, even though it would be by a law enforcement agency.”
“What better place for them to go to than the steps of the United States Capitol?” Abbott said to Fox News. “They get to see the wonderful Capitol, but also get closer to the people who are making these policies that are allowing people to come to the border illegally.”
Abbott has 900 busses ready to be loaded up for the first round of transporting migrants.
Of course, with Biden’s plans to let up to 18,000 illegals cross the border on a daily basis, it might take every bit of 900, and then some.
“That’s more than a half a million illegal immigrants every single month from more than 150 different countries across the globe,” the governor said Wednesday. “That’s far beyond what Homeland Security Secretary Johnson said was a crisis. It is unprecedented and dangerous.”
To further add perspective here, currently there are 2,000 crossings a day– and officials call it a nightmare!
Biden administration officials have stressed repeatedly that they’re planning for the expected increase in migration.
The head of US Border Patrol told CNN last month that he’s getting ready for as many as 8,000 people to be apprehended daily this spring. Deteriorating conditions in Latin America, worsened by the pandemic, are among the reasons for the migrations.
Also on Wednesday, Abbott signed what he called a “zero-tolerance policy” for unsafe vehicles used to smuggle migrants across the border and said that it will be implemented immediately. The governor claims the policy is a byproduct of cartel crossings at the border and noted there may be more stopping of traffic from Mexico into Texas for vehicle inspections.
Operation Lone Star

This isn’t Abbott’s first effort to curb Biden policies.

In March 2021, Abbott launched “Operation Lone Star,” citing a crisis at the US southern border. The operation leaned on resources from the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas National Guard to police the border. The operation at one point swelled to more than 10,000 service members.
Of course, Democrats call Abbott’s policies a “waste of resources,” but these same people live in gated communities and don’t go out at night. Which is why sending these people to Biden’s doorstep is so brilliant.
Abbott even plans to resume Trump’s border wall, which will greatly benefit the southern gateway. Sadly, the federal government would rather let materials purchased by the previous administration sit and rot than to recoup some of the money by selling them to Texas. Fiscal responsibility at it’s finest. Just like we expect from the loving and tolerant left.

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