Biden Sets a NEW Record

Demented Joe Biden’s administration continues to drag down the Democrats who cheated him into office.

Biden’s polls continue their steady decline, despite Democrats desperate attempt to woo the skank vote with the SCOTUS leak. Apparently, Bidenflation surpasses “It’s my body”, when it comes to polling.

Thus, Biden sets new record loss in his performance as faux president. And the records keep coming. In less than two months after setting the record for highest average gas prices, Biden has blown by that record.

According to AAA data, the new national average is $4.37 without accounting for inflation. Only two short months ago, Biden’s policies allowed gasoline to high-jump $4.00 a gallon for the first time in over a decade. As it stands today, no state in the U.S. has lower average prices than $3.90 per gallon.

No need to guess where the highest average gas prices are, as California always leads the way. Currently the average price per gallon in Californicate rests temporarily at $5.84 a gallon on average. In short order the price per gallon in California will be well over $6.00 per gallon.

What will Biden do?

As we’ve witnessed, Biden quickly abandoned his “Green” Super Hero suit, when the public outcry over gasoline hit. His feeble attempt to course-correct happened when he hit America’s strategic petroleum reserves multiple times. Given that the SPR releases provide enough gasoline for about a week, you understand how stupid this move was. Purely theatrics. And it clearly didn’t work.

Things won’t get better for Biden or Democrats, as experts predict that gasoline prices will continue to rise this summer. Adding insult to Biden’s injuries will be the domino effect of those price pressures, compounded by a Jekyll-Hyde power grid.

States like California will be impacted the most, as they will continue to have rolling blackouts. The “black energy” grid must continue working, despite having green energy alternatives. However, this energy will have nowhere to go and thus force a shutdown of the grid. The delay in restarting the most consistent grid will be the undoing of Democrats.

This is not just an American problem.

The price of gasoline has always been higher in Europe and Canada, for example, than the U.S. Still, the proportional increase in price is being felt by Europeans and many others.

Does Biden have a meaningful solution? Not one that doesn’t involve admitting he was wrong and Trump was right.


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