Biden’s Bots Feed His Long History of Cheating

It turns out that the very people who voted for Biden also follow him on Twitter. Only, they’re not people at all. They’re just bots. And Elon Musk finds this to be quite a problem.

Biden has over 22 million followers on Twitter. Like AOC’s following, I have long questioned that number. It doesn’t seem possible, unless these followers are simply entertained by the level of derangement. But, we’ve just learned that at least half of these followers are just bots.

To be precise, 49% are known to be bots. In my estimation, the number is much higher. But for the sake of argument, let’s just say half. Their presence on the site has Elon Musk pumping the brakes, because he wants transparency in his purchase.

According to the Daily Mail:

Inauthentic Twitter accounts, known colloquially as bots, operate to mimic human interaction on the platform in order to achieve a specific goal.

Some were designed to give people immediate data on things like the stock market and traffic updates, while others were used for more sinister applications such as spreading misinformation online or scamming people out of money.

Roughly 11 million followers of the US president’s official Twitter handle, @POTUS, are either bots or inactive accounts, according to an analysis by Spark Toro.

That’s 49.3 percent of Biden’s total followers on his White House account. ‘

More than 32 million people follow the president at @JoeBiden, 43 percent of which are reportedly fake.

It’s more fake followers than those linked to the @POTUS account – approximately 14.6 million.

Twitter has about 229 million daily users, according to the company’s own data. The platform has long held that no more than five percent of its accounts are bots or spam.

Musk challenged that assertion on Tuesday, claiming as many as 20 percent of Twitter accounts are inauthentic and accusing CEO Parag Agrawal of refusing to show proof of the company’s five percent claim.

‘My offer was based on Twitter’s SEC filings being accurate. Yesterday, Twitter’s CEO publicly refused to show proof of <5%,’ Musk wrote on Twitter.

He threatened: ‘This deal cannot move forward until he does.’

Let’s hope Musk fares better than the GOP has in getting the truth out.

The 2020 election clearly had its own bots plaguing the voting machines. I don’t care what any audit says. There’s no way on Earth that Biden had 80 million votes from actual living, breathing, legal citizens.

Biden cheated. Plain and simple. What’s so mind-boggling is how many people are still in denial over the entire fiasco. Think about it. Biden’s cheated his entire life.

Remember, Biden admits to cheating in law school, when he plagiarized significant portions of his writings. Which is beyond sad, considering he graduated at the bottom of his class. Then Biden cheated in elections by plagiarizing speeches, as if he didn’t learn his lesson. At one point, Biden even stole Neil Kinnock’s life story and sold it as his own.

One might also contend that lying about his wife’s and infant daughter’s deaths was also a form of cheating, as Biden’s goal was too falsely gain the sympathy of voters. And it worked; Biden cried his way right into the Senate. Sadly, according to the rumor mill, Joe Biden was cheating on his first wife. As she suffered from post partum depression, Joe was wrapped up with Jill Biden. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a man with less character than the president. No wonder he needs bots, because he certainly doesn’t deserve friends.




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