Democrats Get SHOCKING Polling in Aftermath of SCOTUS Leak

In case you’ve noticed, Joe Biden resorted to name-calling President Donald Trump. The MAGA King dominated the news cycle, however the stunt backfired on Biden. Because Trump owned it.

Much like when Democrats called us “deplorables”, Trump took their insults and flipped them. Even Don Jr. had some fun at the left’s expense, calling himself the “MAGA Prince.” The saddest part of this is that Democrats actually spent six months wasting money on oppositional research for someone to come up with this “Ultra MAGA” slogan and the MAGA King label.

Thus, as Democrats decided, Trump is The MAGA King. And MAGA supporters make their voices heard loudly daily, much to the chagrin of Leftists and other Democrats. But that’s the least of Democrats’ problems.

Why did Biden shift from the story that dominated the news cycle, specifically abortion, and pivot to attacking MAGA? Simple: abortion didn’t sell.

In the last CNN poll conducted prior to the SCOTUS leak, Republicans held a one percent lead over Democrats, 45 percent to 44 percent when the question was asked which party voters nationwide planned to support in their congressional district.

However,  in a recent poll, Republicans gained ground, as the lead grew from one percent to seven percent.

Support for the Republican candidate increased to 49 percent, while support for the Democrat fell to 42 percent. Bad news for Democrats, but it gets worse.

In what Democrats hoped would tip the scale in their favor, the tried and trusty “it’s my body” vote, the SCOTUS leak failed.

When measuring opinion on Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision making abortion a federally-protected right, pollsters found that among voters who said they would be “sad” if Roe were overturned, 20 percent reported they were “extremely or very enthusiastic” to vote. However, among voters who said they would be “happy” if Roe were overturned, 38 percent reported they were “extremely or very enthusiastic” to vote.

An 18-point gap in enthusiasm for the pro-life crowd, something Democrats clearly wouldn’t have expected.

It’s difficult to sell “It’s my body” on the heels of worldwide lockdowns over the virus scam. Further, inflation presents a rude awakening for people anxious to simply feed themselves and afford gasoline.

The SCOTUS leak showed the desperation of Democrats. They hoped the story would last through the election cycle, and it’s already run out of steam. Democrats warned Americans that the Court’s decision would have massive consequences. Terms like “awakened a sleeping giant” were bandied about. But that has proven otherwise, if the CNN polls are correct. I suspect they are.

One eats every day; but you don’t have an abortion every day. Moreover, many women realize that Democrats use abortion as a political hot button. But in fact, Democrats don’t care about women, any more than they care about any other special interest voting bloc.

Democrats have used abortion before to try to win elections. Or they work the “women make less than men” strategy.

With the abortion strategy failing, Biden and team turned their attack on The MAGA King and his willing subjects. But as the polls show, 75 million real voters will overshadow the “bot” voters Biden got. And he won’t have voting machines to rig or ballot-harvesters to save him this time.

In another example, the polls suggests that Republicans are more energized in all areas.

Of Democrat voters polled, seven percent more were more enthusiastic to vote in the next election. However, Republicans outpaced Democrats by two percent, as nine percent of Republicans were more enthusiastic to vote in the upcoming midterms.

In many states, Republican voter registrations outpace Democrats 2-to-1.

The truth is Democrats have no real strategy. They resort to the old playbook, and I see their future move: racism.

The positioning of Trump as The MAGA King and the attack on MAGA supporters will pivot to anti-minority, and specifically anti-black and anti-Latino as we get closer to the midterms. That strategy too will fail, because Americans know better.

Democrats no longer have a stranglehold on the electorate, as fake news media and Gestapo social media all failed. No longer are they believed.

All hail The MAGA King.


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