One of 2000 Mules CAUGHT in VA

It looks like we may know at least one of the 2000 mules Dinesh D’Souza exposed in his film of the same name.

A Democrat holding public office in Buchanan County, Virginia, has been indicted on 82 felony counts, including 34 counts of making false statements related to election fraud. Yes America, Democrats cheated in the 2020 Presidential Election.

In a press release, the Russel County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office announced that a grand jury indicted Knox District Supervisor Trey Adkins on a slew of felony counts. Adkins,  a Democrat who has held the position since 2011 faces 34 counts of making false statements related to election fraud, 15 counts of altering public records, 11 counts of absentee voting procedure violation, 11 counts of forgery of public record, 8 counts of public embezzlement, and 3 counts of conspiracy to make false statements – election fraud.

Adkins makes a fine Democrat. And one has to wonder what Democrat above him he pissed off to end up a scapegoat. Normally Democrats of Adkin’s caliber are promoted!

The Commonwealth’s Attorney for Russel County, Zack Stoots, who was appointed special prosecutor in the case, commented:

The Rules of Professional Conduct prevents any lawyer participating in the prosecution of a criminal matter that may be tried to a jury from making an extrajudicial statement that the lawyer knows or should know will have a likelihood of interfering with the fairness of a trial by jury. Based on the Rules of Professional Conduct, my office will not be making any further statements on the pending matters.

No further comments needed.

Virginia’s election results show Adkins won three elections to the Knox District Board of Supervisors in 2011, 2015, and 2019. The indictment, shared to Scribd by WCYB, asserts that “Adkins relied on a number of absentee ballot applications and votes” in each election cycle.

Buchanan County Registrar Vickie Clevinger testified that Adkins presented the most Absentee Application Forms of any candidate running for public office, according to the indictment, though it is unclear if she was speaking of a specific election cycle or of all the elections.

If Adkins cheated this much for his election, he cheated for others. Because that’s how Democrats play the game. Cheat, cheat, then cheat some more.


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