Trump Lives Rent-free in Biden’s Feeble Brain

Forget tweets, because Trump doesn’t need them. He lives rent-free in Biden’s head, and hasn’t tweeted in almost two years.

So for the “I hate when Trump tweets” crowd, what’s your new excuse? Despite being cheated out of his second term, Trump remains the de facto president.

Trump gets more press than Joe Biden. And Biden, nor his minions, can do anything without mentioning “Orange man bad”.

In what Biden hopes will save his brain-damaged scrawny ass and take attention away from the worst “presidency” ever, we have  Biden’s war–the one he got Putin to start with Ukraine.

Of course, it hasn’t helped him or the Democrats. They’ve tried to use Ukrainians as their new special interest orphan, but that’s not flying. So Democrats moved on. They leaked the SCOTUS decision that moved the murder of in utero humans to the states. The issue of abortion created an uproar for a week, until the “It’s my body” crowd realized that they had just recently been released from self-imposed lockdowns. Oh yeah, and Biden’s Leftist government required many of them to get the “death poke” disguised as a “vaccine”.

So Team Biden is desperate.

Nothing works in their attempt to right their capsized ship. So Biden recently attacked the majority of Americans.

On May 10, Biden criticized what he described as “MAGA” Republicans. Understand that the so-called MAGA Republicans Biden described are merely the rebranded Tea Party; with an actual leader.

Trump’s 2016 campaign coined the phrase “Make America Great Again”, and it stuck.

And Biden lives with legacy of a rock star president who performed at the highest level. Further, Biden undoubtedly ushered in the biggest riches to rags story in American presidential history.

Team Biden knows that Biden can’t hide from his record. And while he has the monkey of the failed Afghanistan withdrawal and massive border issues, those only touch the surface of his problems. Because Biden’s biggest problem carries his name: Bidenflation.

In trying to sooth Americans, Biden confided,

“Look, I know you’ve got to be frustrated. I know, I can taste it. Frustrated by high prices, by gridlock in Congress, by the time it takes to get anything done.”

“The MAGA Republicans are counting on you to be as frustrated by the pace of progress, which they’ve done everything they can to slow down, that you will hand power over to them … so they can enact their extreme agenda.”

What exactly are the extreme agenda of MAGA Republicans?

Fair elections? No force lockdowns or vaccinations? A leader who doesn’t enact policies of a madman?

Earlier this week, Biden added on to his MAGA Republican theme during a visit to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International convention in Chicago, Illinois.

“Look at my predecessor, the great MAGA king — the deficit increased every single year he was president.”

The MAGA King. Biden has no idea what he just created.

Primary victories notwithstanding, Trump, no…the MAGA King, leads America. Democrats can pretend that Biden got lots of votes, but nothing in the real world points to this farce.

Trump continues his rallies. And worse for Democrats, Trump or acolytes routinely expose Democrats as the scumbags and scoundrels they are.

And what of the RINOs? According to Biden, some Senate Republicans are “cowered by Trump”.

Speaking at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) fundraiser in Chicago after the union visit, Biden essentially called Republicans in the Senate “cowards”.

“But we have to take on the — MAGA Republicans — ‘Make America Great Again’ Republicans. I think they’re the most extreme party. And that’s what the Republican Party is now. Not everybody Republican believes that. But the fact of the matter is, they run the show — the MAGA Republicans.”

“We may be talking about as much as one third of the electorate. That’s more than I’d ever thought would occur. But we got to take the fight to them. We got to make our case and make it very strongly, in my opinion.”

A third of the electorate? LOL.

MAGA Republicans represent over half of the electorate. Despite Biden’s brain-damage, he can still do basic math.

Democrats fear MAGA Republicans as they feared the Tea Party. Only MAGA Republicans are far more organized than the Tea Party. MAGA Republicans represent the Tea Party’s infiltration of the Republican Party. One could say that the Tea Party put “republic” back into Republican.

Trump’s PAC is crushing both the Republican establishment, as well as Democrats. And Biden may be Trump’s biggest feather in the headdress. A fitting trophy for the MAGA King



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