Unvaxxed BARRED from Participation AGAIN

As if Democrats don’t have enough problems. But now they compound their issue, as they won’t let the scamdemic die.

Understand that the world opened recently as an additional 30 or so countries dropped all Wuflu restrictions. Yes, the world figured out that Wuflu is a fluke, and the later variants less dangerous than the common cold.

Nevertheless, for some the ruse continues. And by “some”, I mean Leftist murderers like Fauci the fraud.

Although Fauci stated that the worst of COVID is behind us–a “cover your ass” move–and that America is out of the “pandemic phase” the scam persists.

According to data, despite the U.S. seeing a consistent and significant decline in virus infections throughout February and March, cases are climbing back up again thanks to the BA.2 variant—an even faster-spreading (and less deadly) subvariant of Omicron. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), new infections have increased by more than 35 percent in just the last week alone.

Translated: BA.2 is not feared by the public, but the CDC quotes useless statistics to try to remind people to be scared.

And because of this, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer on April 26, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced that its long-delayed mandate for unionized city workers would finally take effect next month.

According to a statement from the City of a Philadelphia, employees covered by the requirement will need to have proof of at least their first dose of a COVID vaccine by May 31.

The timing of this mandate is especially disturbing. Recent vaccine news exposed Pfizer for the shot’s role in countless fetal deaths and miscarriages. That’s right, dead babies as a result of the vaccine. Links to heart problems, blood clots and other dangerous side effects prompted the FDA to finally admit these vaccines are dangerous.

Understand that the entire world is going against this trend. Things have returned to near normal, and yet a Leftist mayor reinstitutes this nonsense.

Thus, Philly’s union workers who have not submitted an exemption request by this date will be placed on unvaccinated leave starting June 6. This leave will either utilize accumulated paid vacation and holiday time or be unpaid for a maximum of 30 calendar days, after which workers could be up for termination if they remain unvaccinated.

Keep in mind that Philadelphia has already done this to non-union workers.  13 non-unionized city employees were fired for failing to comply with a Dec. 2021 vaccine mandate, as reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer at the time. Yet, the mayor is happy to make the same mistake twice. Time for the city manager to make a plan. Because many of those who are damaged by the vaccine will seek compensation from the mandate maker. I smell a class action brewing.


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