Biden’s LIMBO Polling: How Low Can He Go?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Biden’s latest poll numbers are in. And, well, things look even worse that the last polling numbers. In fact, the downward spiral is unstoppable at this point.

My question is simple. If nobody’s happy with the job Biden’s doing, why is the phony president still sitting in our Oval Office? He clearly doesn’t belong there. Exactly one month ago, today, polls suggested Biden should be impeached for his crimes against this country.

What is the major source of contention between the president and the people? One word. BIDENFLATION.

The Biden Administration refuses to actually address the problem. However, they are doubling down efforts to change the narrative. I’m not sure what they’ll come up with to distract voters this time. The Russian narrative is a wash. And the bad orange man isn’t sitting in the captain’s chair. But I’m sure they’ll come up with some kind of back-handed plan.

Meanwhile, Americans are focused on inflation, and the reason it keeps rising, month after month.

Fox Business Adds:

The administration has taken steps to quell voter unrest over surging inflation by signaling that Biden understands what U.S. households are enduring — and that officials are maximizing efforts to bring prices under control — ahead of the November midterms, in which Democrats risk losing their already razor-thin majorities.

Just this week, Biden held a rare Oval Office meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about his plan to tackle higher prices and sent his top lieutenants, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, across cable news to tout his plan.

Biden called tackling inflation his “top priority” while meeting with Powell, though he also sought to deflect blame over soaring prices, saying that fighting inflation largely falls under the purview of the Federal Reserve. The White House has increasingly tried to shift the responsibility for tackling prices to the Fed — as polls show that inflation, which has hovered near a 40-year high for months, is a top concern for voters.

“My plan is to address inflation. That starts with a simple proposition: Respect the Fed, respect the Fed’s independence, which I have done and will continue to do,” Biden said.

The meeting is just part of a months-long blitz planned by the White House, designed to emphasize the historic level of job creation and the low unemployment rate during Biden’s first 17 months in office, as well as plans to put more money into Americans’ pockets.

Unfortunately, nothing Biden is saying or doing will combat inflation. It’s all just smoke and mirrors. In fact, the world’s largest hedge fund now warns that stagflation is headed our way.

The 1970s called. They want their economy back!

Apparently, we’re about the relive the years my parents warned me about.

Bridgewater Associates co-Chief Investment Officer Bob Prince told Bloomberg TV this week that markets have not fully absorbed the shock of what’s happening in the economy and investors are too optimistic about the path for inflation and interest rates.

Asked whether he thinks the economy is headed for stagflation, Prince said: “We’re on the cusp of it, yeah.”

Americans Feel the Pressure

I don’t care how good of a liar Biden is, he can’t lie his way out of this. Because no matter what tax bracket you’re in, we all feel the squeeze.

A Labor Department report last month that the consumer price index jumped by 8.3% in April, underscoring that inflationary pressures in the economy remain very strong. On top of that, gas prices hit another a record high on Thursday, with a gallon of gas on average now costing $4.71 — up 40% from just one year ago.

Most economists now expect elevated prices to persist throughout the year, worsening the political headache for both Biden and the Fed.

A Gallup poll released Tuesday showed that just 14% of Americans rate economic conditions as “excellent” or “good,” while nearly half — 46% — call them “poor.” Another 39% have said the economic landscape is “only fair.” That’s down from one month ago, when 20% of Americans rated conditions as good and just 42% said they were poor.

The president has drawn flak, along with the Federal Reserve, for referring to inflation as transitory for months, even when it became clear the inflation spike was likely to last longer than expected. Biden has repeatedly blamed the price spike on supply chain bottlenecks and other pandemic-induced disruptions in the economy, as well as the Russian war in Ukraine. Republicans have pinned it on the president’s massive spending agenda.

When price increases continued, even as Democrats expected them to slow, the White House pivoted and started arguing that Democrats’ massive Build Back Better spending bill would help address cost pressure. But Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has squashed that legislation, leaving Democrats spinning to find another defense against inflation.

It doesn’t matter who Biden blames.

Covid, supply chain, shipping horrors, natural disasters, or the Tarot cards he read last week. The world blames Biden. And that’s the only explanation that makes sense.

I bet all those #OrangeManBad leftists are secretly wishing they hadn’t pulled off the coup of the century. As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished!”


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