Democrat Candidate Shocks Biden

Democrats push hard to convince Americans that Joe Biden received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history. And why wouldn’t he be?

After all, Biden accomplished nothing in his 40+ years leading up to The Big Cheat. And accomplishing nothing ranks high among Democrat credentials.

Sure, Biden talks a big game. Hardly a piece of legislation proposed was not authored by Biden. How do we know? Because Biden told us over and over. And we all know that Biden’s word is BOND.

“C’mon Man!”

So after the biggest election theft in American history, Democrats got their brain-damaged clown in office. Moreover, they got the results every Conservative expected.

Biden represents “Obamacare” for all policies. Everything the man touches fails.

Immediately, Biden undid Trump’s successful policies, like “Remain in Mexico”. So now America is being invaded (again) by illegals crossing the Southern border. But Biden didn’t stop showing his abject incompetence at the border.

Next, he left Americans behind in Afghanistan. Further, the icing on the cake was the death of 13 Marines. So much for “Leave no man behind!”.

With foreign policy on fire, Biden then focused on the economy by shutting it down for the largest money-grab in the history of the world. Biden spent $6 trillion to save Americans from a cold virus.

Enough, right?! No need to document the failures of Biden, as it would read longer than War and Peace. But understand that polls show the results of The Big Cheat. Biden has decimated the Democrats. So much so, that their only way to win elections is to cheat.

The proof comes from their own mouths, as Democrat Congresswoman Nicole Spanberger wants no part of Biden in her campaign.

But Spanberger isn’t the only Democrat who won’t commit on Biden.

Not long ago, Ocasio-Cortez was asked about Biden running again in 2024.

Democrats can play their games on election cheating with the barely-watched January 6 Hearings, but Americans “know the thing”.

In fact, ALL Americans know the thing. Biden is and always has been damaged goods. And the Democrats will pay for their corruption in the midterms and again in 2024.


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