Democrats are FAR MORE Dangerous than Guns

Frankly, I’m sick of Leftists blaming guns for what Leftists do. So I’m going to do what few seem willing to do: call Leftists out for their demented views on everything.

I said on my radio show recently that ALL problems in America can be blamed on Leftism. Because Leftists are boneheaded idiots who want money and power.

They typically use racism as their issue, but have no problem “letting no crisis go to waste”. And when it comes to “crises”, Leftists are as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

So when this latest mass shooting occurred, like clockwork these profiteers yell “GUN CONTROL“.

I have no statistics on this, but I know it is as true as the Democrats stealing the last presidential election. Leftists are overwhelmingly responsible for violent crime in America, gun or no gun. So why are we not asking for “Leftist control”?

The implement of death matters not, when it comes to Leftists. Whether they use a car, as the ethnocentric black racist used to mow over dozens of white people in Waukesha, WI, or the mass vaccinations by Fauci the fraud, death by Leftist is the real threat to Americans, not guns.

And when you consider the day-to-day violence of Leftism, one must wonder how they dare discuss mass shootings. This is even more ironic when you consider that most mass shooters are Leftists or created by Leftism.

Leftists create these mass murderers through bullying at school or in life in general. Or Leftists create mass murderers by their policies that belittle or engender class, age, gender, ethnic, or religious warfare. Leftists divide the country, then encourage their minions to attack anybody antithetical to the Leftist narrative.

And there are many examples beyond Steve Scalise. Remember a Leftist Democrat shot Scalise as he played baseball near the Capitol.

Worse, Leftists will create false narratives. The most glaring recent example involves Jussie Smollett. Recall he lied and accused two Trump supporters of attacking him.

Simply put, Leftists either commit crimes or lie about crimes committed against them. And just as the world knows that Hunter Biden is guilty of providing access to “the big guy”, Hillary Clinton worked with Obama’s DOJ to frame Trump, and the election was stolen, we know that Leftists are the biggest and most evil criminals on the planet.

Because they know guns are the only thing keeping them from just taking our money outright.


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