Ghislaine Maxwell Learns It’s a Man’s World

As I read the headline announcing that Ghislaine Maxwell got 20 years, I thought of the song by James Brown: This is a Man’s World.

When Ghislaine Maxwell acted as a pimp for Jeffrey Epstein, one had to wonder who in the heck did she think she was?

Sure they got Epstein, the ring leader. And to shut him up, powerful people advised him to commit “suicide”. But what about all the other men?

Like Leftists do for most elite men, they rally around them. Men like, well…Hillary Clinton, Joe and Hunter Biden, Barack Obama, and others. No such rally for Maxwell.

No, for her part in the sex-trafficking to Epstein’s island, a judge sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison. She received additional charges in connection with her recruiting and grooming minors for the pleasure of then-boyfriend financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Maxwell was found guilty last December on five counts. Prosecutors declared that 60-year-old Maxwell worked “as partners in crime” with her beloved Epstein.

They said that from 1994 to 2004, Maxwell groomed women as young as 14 to be abused sexually by Epstein, a convicted pedophile who died in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019 while awaiting federal sex trafficking charges.

Manhattan federal prosecutors urged a judge last week to sentence Maxwell to at least 30 years in prison, while Maxwell argued that she was actually a ‘good person’.

As we previously explained:

Maxwell spent her days “curating” the goods. Or in other words, picking out the vulnerable young girls to hand deliver to hell. But according to Maxwell, her help with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) proves she desired to “do good in the world”.

Conservative Brief explains:

In her 77-page filing, she talked about the “history of philanthropy, charitable work, and helping others namely her work with the Clinton Global Initiative.”

“Ms. Maxwell has always worked hard. Her many educational, occupational, and avocational accomplishments include becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a helicopter pilot, a submersible pilot, a banker; partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to establish a telemedicine platform to enable people in remote areas to obtain quality medical treatment; helping develop the Clinton Global Initiative; supporting a variety non-profit and charitable organizations,” her attorney said.

In another part of the document, it says that Maxwell is not an ‘heiress, villain, or vapid socialite’. She has energy, drive, commitment, a strong work ethic, and a desire to do good in the world. She has supported friends and family through tough times and personal crisis and currently is assisting women in her unit at the MDC,” her attorney said. “And she has endeavored to contribute to society….(by) helping launch the Clinton Global Initiative.”

If you ask me, that paints the entire Clinton Global Initiative in a whole new light. We already know Epstein claimed to help launch CGI. The former Rapist in Chief flew on Epstein’s private jet, Lolita Express, countless times. For all we know, the CGI is another cover for sex-trafficking women and children.

Maxwell’s attorney hoped her “suicide watch” would somehow delay her sentencing. But Lady Justice didn’t let that happen. The system doesn’t always work, but it worked today. And Maxwell will have many years to consider just what kind of “good deeds” she did for all those vulnerable young girls Epstein and his buddies victimized on her watch.


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